Every meat lover dreams of having a medium-rare tenderloin steak on their dinner table. Most of them will wait for a special occasion to cut through their favorite portion of beef so they can let it melt like butter in their mouth. In other words, the happiness of these individuals depends on the juice level of the meat. We all know that every dish requires its own unique tool. You can’t briskly stir the eggs for dessert without a whisk. Similarly, you need a pair of steak knifes to make a clean cut of your delicious steak. Another reason for a steak knife being an essential part of your cutlery is that they introduce elegance on your table.

Therefore I researched far and wide to select the 10 best steak knifes based on design, weight, and performance. Here’s what I came up with:

  • 9.7 x 0.9 x 0.1 Inches Dimensions
  • 3.84 Ounces Weight
  • 4-Piece Set


  • Durable high carbon ThyssenKrupp German steel material
  • Handcrafted to 14 to 16 degrees to increase sharpness
  • Hollow divots and chromium plating to keep the blade clean
  • Triple rivets for securing the blade to handle


  • A bit expensive
  • Gets rust if proper care isn’t taken

Won’t you love to slice through the meat as gladiators cut through their opponent in the movies? DALSTRONG Gladiator series can be considered as a revolution in the steak knife market. Precision and durability are the words that perfectly describe them.

If you hate struggling while cutting meat using steak knives, then you will love its high carbon ThyssenKrupp German steel material. Moreover, the blade is handcrafted to 14 to 16 degrees on the sides, which increases its sharpness as well as durability. The steak knife will always be sharp as a soldier whenever you need it. You can also use this tall blade height for other chopping activities as it provides knuckle clearance.

One of the exceptional characteristics of this blade is stain-resistance quality. Having oval-shaped hollow divots on the edge of the blade and chromium plating are given the role of keeping the knife sparkly clean.

No need to worry about blade detaching itself from the handle. Just believe its triple rivets for keeping the knife in one piece. To say it in other words, you won’t regret purchasing this tool.

  • 7.5 x 0.8 x 12.2 Inches Dimensions
  • 12.8 Ounces Weight
  • 6-Piece Set


  • Durable high carbon stainless steel blade
  • Blades don’t get discolored
  • Triple rivets hold the blade in position
  • Extra-wide bolster
  • The ergonomic shape of handle for better hold


  • Not recommended for washing in a dishwasher

After buying Cuisinart C77TR-6PSK, you will start to have faith in love at first slice. The manufacturers have preferred traditional outlook for this set of knives. Resultantly, the steak knives will surely stand out during your Christmas dinner.

Created from high carbon stainless steel, the blade won’t have a problem cutting through any type of meat. Moreover, the edge will retain its sharpness for an extended period. No need to worry about discoloration as the knife retains its original look even after coming in contact with acidic foods.

Triple rivets have been given an essential job of keeping the blade and handle attached. Keeping in mind one of the most common accidents that can happen on the dinner table, the knives feature an extra-wide bolster. This means that the steak knife won’t be slipping on juiciest steaks.

Another notable feature of the knives is the ergonomic shape of the handle. This assists users in having a proper hold on the tool. Hence it is definitely one of the best steak knives out there.

  • 11.7 x 8.1 x 1.5 Inches Dimensions
  • 1.83 Pounds Weight
  • 4-Piece Set


  • The handle is made of Pakkawood material
  • Anti-corrosion blade
  • Has a serrated edge
  • V-edge retains the original flavors of the meat
  • Short bolster for easier maneuverability


  • The blade is rather thin

Cutting through meat has never been this easy. No need to worry about steak’s temperature. Just pick up the Wallop steak knife and enjoy your meal without having an anxiety attack. To make it more striking, the blade has been attached to Pakkawood handle. The handle’s material gives the equipment a distinct natural wood appearance.

Moreover, Pakkawood is popular for its waterproof and heat-resistance characteristics. Let us now talk about the rust-resistant blade. If you love having beef wellington, then you are going to enjoy its serrated edge. Having a serrated blade gives the knife the advantage of cutting through crusty surfaces such as the bread crumb layer or roast.

Another quality that blade feature is the V-edge. V-edge allows you to penetrate through the meat without making it lose its savory flavors. Also, it makes it easy for you to make clean cuts.

Having a short bolster serves as a blessing in disguise. It not only increases the maneuverability of the blade but also makes the sharpening process more straightforward.

  • 11.4 x 10 x 1.6 Inches Dimensions
  • 3.15 Pounds Weight
  • 8-Piece Set


  • Affordable
  • Doesn’t need to be sharpened
  • Anti-rust blade
  • Well-balanced ergonomics
  • Lightweight and easy to use


  • It requires sharpening after a while and it’s no fun

Arranging a low budget party doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on the quality of the kitchen utensils. ZWILLING 39130-850 is one of the most cost-effective knives you can find in the market. Having a serrated edge means that the blade doesn’t need to sharpen often.

High carbon stainless steel has been utilized as a primary material for the blade as well as handle. This was done to ensure that the steak knife has remarkable resistance against corrosion. Also, the exceptional material makes them ready for heavy-duty usages, such as in restaurants.

Do you know why this product is lightweight and easier to use? I just appreciate its tapered design. On the other hand, the design provides a firmer grip by maintaining the balance between the blade and handle. This means that both blade and handle won’t feel heavier to you.

Don’t know where you should place the steak knives on the picnic table? Just don’t take them out of their alluring presentation box. The container, along with 8 steak knives, will surely leave your guests awe-struck.

  • 9.4 x 1.2 x 0.4 Inches Dimensions
  • 1.1 Pounds Weight
  • 4-Piece Set


  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Durable as it has a full-tang design
  • The ice-tempered procedure makes the knife longer
  • Hollow edge keeps the blade clean


  • Not made for restaurant use

Sturdy yet eye-catching, this is Bellemian Premium Steak knife in three words. When it was introduced, other manufacturers have no excuse for introducing faulty products.

Due to the exceptional chromium content, its surgical grade and stainless steel material have unquestionable rust-resistant quality. Having ice-tempered steel means that the length of the blade is longer than the ones which are heat-tempered.

Another thing to note is its hollow edge. This edge will not allow any food particles to stick to the utensil’s surface. Hollow edge accomplishes this mission-impossible task by creating an air pocket between meat slice and knife. No need to waste energy while trying to remove food stains from its surface.

Its full-tang construction ensures that you have no complaints regarding the blade’s strength. Another advantage of having a full-tang design is that the balance is equally distributed among every component. In other words, you don’t have any chance to ignore its abilities.

  • 11.7 x 7.5 x 0.6 Inches Dimensions
  • 3.2 Ounces Weight
  • 6-Piece Set


  • Slip-resistant Fibrox handle
  • Safe to use due to round tip
  • No bolster means that you can utilize the whole blade
  • Dishwasher-friendly


  • Need to be sharpened often

Everyone knows the quality of swiss army knives. Based in Switzerland, Victorinox has not stopped themselves from introducing better quality steak knives than their competitors. Your first look on the product takes away your right to question its performance.

First, let us talk about its fantastic handle. The piece of art plays a vital role in making the knife stylish. Another job that is given to handle is allowing you to have a firmer grip. That is why it is made up of slip-resistant Fibrox material.

If you need a steak knife that even your child can handle, then look no further. The blade features a round tip, so your loved ones don’t fall victim unfortunate accidents. Having a rounded tip doesn’t mean that the sharpness of the knife is compromised. Having no bolster implies that you are allowed to use the whole blade. Who can ignore such appealing steak knives?

  • 8.9 x 0.6 x 0.9 Inches Dimensions
  • 3.36 Pounds Weight
  • 8-Piece Set


  • Economical
  • Stain-resistant steel
  • Full tang provides more control
  • Full bolster keeps your fingers safe


  • Hand wash only

A family gathering can be a hassle. Not only you have to cook a large portion of meals but also have to empty your pockets getting required utensils. Don’t worry, we have included budget-friendly best steak knives on our list that will make your party memorable.

We have seen that several manufacturers showing reservations against classical looks for their products. They are not confident that their knives will be able to carry it. AmazonBasics Premium carries the traditional appearance it like a pro.

We all know how hard it is to remove delicious steak sauces from the knife, especially if you don’t clean them immediately. That is why the creators have relied on stain-resistant steel. Being a single piece blade allows it to cut through T-bone steak in one swipe.

Being full tang means that you have better control over the movement of the blade. Another safety feature is its full bolster that keeps your fingers away from the sharp edge of the blade. To sum it up, the blade is designed to keep your hand safe.

  • 0.8 x 6.8 x 10 Inches Dimensions
  • 12.5 Ounces Weight
  • 6-Piece Set


  • Durable high carbon stainless steel material
  • Easy to maintain
  • Lightweight aluminum handle
  • Sturdy Construction


  • Handle is smaller
  • Don’t wash in dishwasher

The most common complaint I have received regarding steak knives is that they require a lot of sharpening. They are likely to throw a hissy tantrum after they are used repeatedly without any pampering. Consequently, I have added Rada Cutlery Steak Knife Set on my list because of their durability.

Its high carbon stainless steel material can be labeled as indestructible. Having chromium in its content gives it the power of self-cleaning. In other words, the blade knows how not to let the mushroom sauce stain ruin its beauty.

Let us move on to its handle. Constructed from the aluminum, the handle is one of the lightest components you can find on my list. Being lightweight doesn’t mean that it will act as a delicate flower. Aluminum handles are known for not bending over because of some firmer grip.

  • 10.6 x 5.6 x 1.8 Inches Dimensions
  • 1.15 Pounds Weight
  • 4 Piece-Set


  • Perfect for traveling because of compact design
  • Sturdy stainless steel material
  • Maintenance-free handle
  • The hi-luster finish makes it durable
  • Stays sharp


  • Pricy
  • The size of the blade is smaller

Do you love to travel but prefer to pack light and love to have fancy meals but don’t want to carry bulky equipment? Just make your traveling easy by purchasing Oneida Flight Steak Knives. You cannot have a better companion than this.

The whole structure of the blade is designed from stainless steel. The handle is can literally be considered as maintenance-free. You don’t need to worry about water supply during your travel as the knife won’t allow any food particle to stick on its lower part.

The blade is known for even treating the toughest meat like butter. That is the reason it looks similar to a butter knife. Hi-luster finish not only enhances its striking looks but also makes the knife more durable.

Having a serrated cutting edge means that the blade won’t lose its sharpness anytime soon. On the other hand, the compact design permits you to store them anywhere.

  • 10.1 x 6 x 1.1 Inches Dimensions
  • 1.2 Pounds Weight
  • 8-Piece Set


  • Micro-serrated edge requires no sharpening
  • Durable ABS plastic handle
  • Stainless steel blade and rivets
  • Handle available in three colors


  • Does not feel well-balanced for individuals who are used to heavier knives
  • Can cut only a smaller portion of food

Can’t decide what to get your wife on your anniversary? Why don’t you have a look at the Laguiole steak knives created by FlyingColors? The embellished design of the knife can be compared to a weapon held by the romantic protagonist of the middle ages.

The first feature that I want to point out is the micro-serrated edge. Having such a reliable attribute means that the blade doesn’t need to be sharpened for decades. No need to waste your precious cash on any knife sharpener anymore.

The handle has developed resilience against any kind of rough use due to its ABS plastic material. Also, you just need to wipe the handle with a piece of cloth to clean it. Furthermore, the product’s handles are available in three colors.

How to Get The Best Steak Knives?

Getting a steak knife should not be taken for granted. Before selecting a set, every component of the knife should be appropriately examined. Want to know the secrets behind perfect steak knives? Just keep on reading:


Usually, the blades are categorized under three types. This doesn’t mean that one type is inferior to another. This all depends on your requirements. The first one is the serrated edge. This cutting edge is known for keeping their sharpness for a longer period

Straight edge is not only easier to sharpen, but they also make cleaner cuts than other types. On the other hand, the hollow edge will keep the food stains away from the utensil by creating space between them.


Most individuals select the knife based on its sharpness. This is not the only characteristic that you should judge a cutting utensil on. A good quality steak knife should be well-balanced. The weight should be evenly distributed among every part. To summarize, the handle should not seem heavier than the blade and vice versa. Otherwise, you will not be able to cut steak properly. There are also chances that you may hurt your fingers.


In the market, several manufacturers have introduced their products with handles made from various materials. The most commonly used materials are Pakkawood, stainless steel, and plastic. Pakkawood is alternate to wood handles. They were several complains that wood handles are home sweet home for bacteria. Pakkawood may similar in looks to wooden material, but they have excellent resistance against moisture.

Another one is stainless steel, which is easier to maintain because of their chromium coating. Additionally, they are more durable than other materials. Plastic one may be cheaper, but they will not compromise on their sturdiness. To conclude, the quality of these materials is making headlines.

Forged Vs. Stamped

Have you ever wondered how a knife is made? The most common methods of constructing a knife are forged and stamped. Both of them have an essential role in determining the quality of the final product.

Forged knifes rely on drop hammer to give them shape by continuously striking them at high temperatures. These knifes are known to have extra strength and better balance due to their full tang. Furthermore, the knifes also have to bolster to keep your fingers safe.

The stamped method relies on die-cut or hydraulic press. Resultantly, the knifes are lightweight and easier to handle. Not having a bolster means that you can use the whole length of the blade, which helps cut larger portions.

Coming to price, forged ones are little more expensive stamped ones. This doesn’t mean you should ignore the forged ones. If you have the budget, why don’t you go for them?

Full-tang or Short tang

Before I start with their advantages and disadvantages, let me give you an introduction. Tang is the component of the blade that extends inside the handle. Full tang means that the blade is reaching till the handle’s butt. Also, they are secured with more than two rivets.

Short or sub-tang will only reach half of the handle and don’t require more than two rivets to keep them in place. Full tang is widely popular as they give more balance compared to the half tang. This is why short tang is a more economical option.


How can I forget the looks? Mostly, steak knives are taken out of the cabinets to impress guests or on festive occasions. Such a situation requires that every kitchen utensil should be in ideal condition. Bulky and ugly steak knives are a big no. The knives should act as a model on your table and go with your other cutlery.


Never ever tries to go over budget. I have given you several options that come with exceptional characteristics at a reasonable price. No need to empty your pockets on a piece of cutlery.


I hope that this article will make you understand the mechanism of steak knives. Most of my focus was on introducing you to cutlery that will stand out on your dinner table. I have given importance to products’ sturdiness, safety components, looks, sharpness level, maintenance, etc.

No matter who you contact, all the steak knives expert will agree with my list of the best steak knives. As they are several brilliant options, the selection may get confusing. Hence, I have introduced you to the essential aspects of these utensils in my buying guide. You don’t want to become another victim of faulty products, do you? Simply read every word of this article. Now you can shop for steak knives with confidence. Good luck!

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