Also known as inline skating, roller skating is a fun sport. Over the years, it has become popular among kids and adults alike, thanks to the huge advancement of rollerblades. Verily, they have become more reliable, comfortable and safe to ride, since their first market entry in the 1970’s. While adults are more interested in aggressive and fitness-oriented rollerblading, kids don’t have a priority. In their love for the rollerblades, they would insist on buying anything they can easily access or that captures their imagination. And, who could possibly resist the pestering of a child?

To address this due concern of parents, I have added a detailed buying guide in this article. Also, I have vetted numerous inline skates, and set aside ten best rollerblades for kids. If you already have experience with blades, you can look at our top three products listed below:

Our Recommendations

Best Price/Value

Kuxuan Adjustable Inline Skates

Affordable Price | Adjustible Size | Illuminated Wheels

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Best Price

Mongoose Boy’s Inline Skates

Dirt Cheap | Comfortable | Adjustable

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Best Quality

2PM SPORTS Torinx Adjustable Inline Skates

Bestseller Product | Top-notch Quality | Adjustable Size

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Product Reviews

  • With four adjustable sizes, you won’t have to worry about your kid out growing the rollerblade size
  • High-performance ABEC-7 bearing and Polyurethane Wheels
  • Traditional Lacing supported by top buckle strap closure and mid 45° strap closure
  • Illuminated wheels
  • Rubber Trp stopper


  • Adjustable
  • Secure Closure System
  • Quality Bearings and Wheels
  • Vibrant Colors


  • Traditional lacing

Let’s start with the least important thing—aesthetics. It comes in a wide array of colors so you would have plenty of options to choose from. The kids can be very choosy about colors. So, no matter how good a rollerblade you would buy them, if it is in dull color, they would reject to wear it outright.

Now, let us look into some serious details. The frame is made up of aluminum alloy, chiefly to keep the overall weight low. These rollerblades are adjustable, so you would not have to care about their fitting at all. With a single press, you can pull the toe to adjust the feet size.

It is featuring top-notch ABEC 7 bearing, an effort by the company that deserves praise. ABEC 7 bearings are the high-end product, are expensive but ensure a smooth and quick ride. The polyurethane wheels are built to last longer than plastic ones, so they are another praiseworthy incorporation by 2PM. Durometer A Scale 82 mark hints that these wheels are soft, and are highly appropriate for rough surfaces like sidewalks, roads and rocks.

Its three-step closure mechanism ensures that the foot comfortably and perfectly fit into the shoes. However, traditional lacing should have been avoided. Instead, BOA and speed lacing were better alternatives.

These rollerblades have everything you could ask for in a kid rollerblades. You can check the latest price in the following link.

  • Its Reinforced Aluminum frame is a perfect compromise between strength and weight
  • Features ABEC 7 bearing and 82 A polyurethane wheels: smooth ride on outdoor tracks
  • Illuminated wheels that will surely delight kids
  • Three-step closure system to ensure safety
  • One full year of parts and labor coverage and a LIFETIME OF US-BASED Customer Support hint the trust of the company on this product. You can trust it too.


  • High value for the price
  • Efficient closure system
  • Illuminated wheels
  • Adjustable
  • One year warranty


  • I didn’t find any

XinoSports has immensely outstripped its rivals in manufacturing beginner’s inline skates. In this model, they have incorporated nearly all things under the sun that parents could ask for their kids.

The formation is sturdy. Reinforced Aluminum frame is a perfect compromise between strength and weight. The design allows for ventilation so your child’s feet could breathe in the hot summer.

The bearing and wheels are two critical components of a rollerblade. ABEC 7 grade bearing will provide nothing but a smooth skating experience. 70mm Diameter large-sized wheels and can efficiently handle outdoor tracks. Their 82 A durometer scale shows that they are soft enough to tackle streets and parks.

Last but not least, the illuminated wheels are enviable. Your kids are going to love them, as they are really fun to ride at night.

  • Easy and convenient 1 push button to adjust skate to a different size
  • Dual straps for optimum sizing and protection
  • ABEC 5 bearing
  • 64 mm small-sized cast urethane wheels


  • Dirt cheap
  • Great Value
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable


  • Substandard wheels
  • Subpar closure system

These roller skates are one of the cheapest roller-skates available out there. Unlike, many in this price range, they are adjustable to several sizes. All one needs to do is press a button and pull the toe. The second most striking fact is its fine quality boots or liner. If comfortability and fitting is your priority, you should have been hailing these features.

The cheap products almost always made with certain compromises. These mongoose inline skates have pretty slow ABEC 5 bearing that irked many buyers. But, one can’t ask for high-end features while we have little to offer ourselves. Saying that I still want to highlight a major drawback that should have been improved. The poor quality cast urethane wheels are no match to polyurethane wheels, which are considered as a baseline in inline skates.

In a nutshell, these rollerblades are suitable for only those parents who don’t want to spend extra dollars on a pair of trainer skates.

  • Eight illuminating wheels with self-generating power
  • It has an easy and convenient one push button to adjust different sizes
  • Quality Customer support
  • High-quality aluminum frame and durable polyurethane (PU) wheels with ABEC-7 bearings


  • Has Top Notch ABEC 7 Bearing to maximize speed
  • Efficient closure system
  • Adjustable size
  • Inexpensive


  • No ventilation
  • Some users complained about the boot/liner quality

The rollerblades by Mongoose are the cheapest available inline skates, whereas, the rollerblades by Kuxuan are the best quality skates in the minimum possible price. With just a difference of 10$ in price, Kuxuan has beaten Mongoose in all respects.

The frame material of this model is more or less the same as that of similar affordable models. Reinforced aluminum is a material of choice when you want to keep the weight low and maximize strength. That’s what Kuxuan has employed. The ABEC 7 bearing with 82 A polyurethane (PU) wheels is the two critical features that decide top-speed, acceleration and smoothness of the ride. With these incorporated in Kuxuan rollerblades, your kid will never complain about the blades being slow or the experience uncomfortable.

It has an adjustable sizing option, an efficient closure system and nearly everything one expects of a quality entry-level rollerblades. However, there is a catch. It has no ventilation mechanism to allow fresh air to the feet; also, the liner is of poor quality.

One thing left mentioning is its automatic wheel illuminating mechanism that makes it really fun to ride at nights. You can check the recent price by clicking the link below.

  • ABEC 7 Bearings with 82A polyurethane (PU) wheels
  • A single rubber brake with the right foot
  • Three-step closure mechanism
  • High cuff with reinforced aluminum frame


  • Adjustable
  • Allows for ventilation
  • Affordable
  • Illuminated wheels


  • Poor straps and boot quality

ITurnGLow came forward with an elegant design in these rollerblades. It has a reinforced steel frame coupled with ABEC 7 bearing and soft wheels so the skater can use them for hours and hours. ABEC 7 bearing makes certain that the kids must have a smooth skating experience and don’t have to exert too much force. The higher cuff and triple closure system ensure that the boots fit tightly and securely in the shell, and the fragile ankle of the kid is properly supported.

One often ignored feature is the ventilation of the feet. Luckily, IturnGlow has provided certain provisions for it. The breathable mesh mechanism at the toe helps to keep the feet ventilated, so the kids would feel comfortable while riding them in hot summer.

These rollerblades are adjustable so you don’t have to worry about the fitting as your child grows. Furthermore, they are equipped with self-powered illuminated wheels. Let alone the kids, even adults love skating them at night. Check out the latest rate in the following link.

  • They are adjustable to four sizes
  • ABEC 7 bearings with 82 A polyurethane wheels
  • Lightweight Aluminum alloy frame
  • Triple closure system


  • Adjustable to feet size
  • Smooth and comfortable skating experience
  • Illuminated wheels
  • Secure fitting


  • Slightly expensive

Although launched as an exclusive rollerblade for girls, it has been loved by boys and girls alike. If your son has no problem with the violent and magenta color, these rollerblades are poised to become the best rollerblades in the earlier stage of his life. As far as girls are concerned, they will be excited to have them, as not even one factor is against their likeness.

You will have to help your kids to put them on and off. The boot is comfortable, and smooth and the shell is designed to provide efficient ankle support. Both the wheels and bearings are of high quality. With ABEC 7 bearings and 82 A Pu wheels it will rock paved streets and hard tracks.

For the security of the kids, a tight and secure closure system is a must-have. The three-step closure system in these rollerblades makes certain that your kid’s feet remain tight and sure into place while skating.

This rollerblade is credited with the bestseller inline skate title by many online platforms. If it managed to keep thousands of customers happy and satisfied, surely you will not be disappointed too.

  • Can be Adjusted to multiple sizes
  • ABEC-7 bearings Illuminated wheels Brake included
  • Comfortable soft liner
  • 82A polyurethane (PU) wheels


  • Adjustable
  • Triple protection Closure
  • The frame allows for Ventilation
  • Quiet yet fast
  • Illuminated wheels


  • The inconvenience of tying the lacing for the kid

The rollerblades by Otw-cool is yet another high valued product for kids. They’re available in three different sizes, and each size, in turn, can be slightly enlarged by a single press of a button: these shoes are adjustable.

It is equipped with an aluminum frame that may not be the best performer in terms of strength, do well in keeping the weight to the minimum. Its stiff cuff provides the much-needed ankle support the kids need in their earlier days of skating. The frame in a combination of quite bearings and soft wheels provide the best riding experience on outdoor tracks.

They have illuminated wheels to keep your child delighted, three-step closure mechanism to keep his feet tight and secure, and a brake to aid him in stopping at high speed. The price is reasonable, and will not cost you an arm and a length.

  • Adjustable to different feet sizes
  • Pink Color
  • Polyurethane wheels to bear extreme abrasion
  • Silver-5 bearing
  • Speed lacing mechanism
  • Responsive Aluminum Design


  • Adjustable
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Speed lacing mechanism


  • The bearing could have been better

Just for caution, I would tell you straight away that these rollerblades come in only pink color, so avoid buying it for your son. There are a number of features which you will find in many standard inline skates. For instance, it is equipped with Polyurethane wheels to bear extreme abrasion and to ride smoothly on sidewalks, concrete driveways, and asphalt roads. The silver-5 bearing ensures that your kid doesn’t have to put extra effort to accelerate the speed, and when she learns to skates, she would not be disappointed in top speed.

The closure system is pretty secure, and the high cuff provides sufficient axle support. Its speed lacing mechanism will save you the trouble of tying and untying them, as the kid will be able to do it himself. If you are considering a rollerblade for your daughter, these affordable skates worth your money.

  • Adjustable rollerblades
  • The illuminated wheels that operate without a battery
  • Triple protection Closure system
  • Breathable frame
  • 70 mm Polyurethane PU wheels
  • Sturdy Aluminum Frame


  • Affordable
  • Illuminated wheels
  • Design Allows for Ventilation
  • Triple protection closure
  • Compatible for both indoor and outdoor tracks


  • Straps are not of high quality

Ancheer has done its best to provide top quality in this product and has largely succeeded. These rollerblades have 70 mm polyurethane wheels which can easily bear abrasion and thus last longer than the cheap-rate plastic wheel. These large-sized wheel can tread smoothly on outdoor tracks, be it stones, paved streets or asphalt road. Moreover, the wheels illuminate when rolled out on tracks make skating fun at night.

Some users reported that poor quality straps come off after two to three skating trials. Companies in order to minimize the price often compromise on the quality of some components. But the low-end liner and straps in these shoes are easily replaceable. One can’t expect perfection in all respects at such a low price.

  • Adjustable to 4 sizes
  • Reinforced Aluminum Frame
  • ABEC 7 bearing with 82 A Polyurethane PU wheels
  • Triple Closure System


  • High-end bearing and wheels
  • Comfortable liner/boot
  • Adjustable
  • Detachable Illuminated wheels


  • I didn’t find any

Security, comfort, and durability are the three supreme qualities that we look for in a kid’s rollerblades. This model by VECHZY is secure as it has a sturdy design with a high cuff to provide appropriate ankle support. It incorporates a triple closure mechanism to tightly hold the feet in the right position as your kid roll out to outdoor tracks.

Reinforced aluminum frame, a baseline for inline skates, keep the weight of the rollerblade to the minimum. The Polyurethane (PU) wheels are soft enough to ride smoothly on outdoor tracks. They are facilitated by ABEC 7 grade bearing, that keeps them rolling with minimum effort. The illumination of these wheels while skating is a feature that kids would love very much.

What to look for in the rollerblades for kids:

As I have already mentioned, buying rollerblades is an intensive task, and is rightly so. After all, it’s the security and comfort of our beloved that we have to ensure. I have broken down the task into an assessment of a whole variety of components that you may encounter in an inline skater. 

Size of the Rollerblade

While size consideration may be an important factor when buying adult inline skates, it is indispensable to buying rollerblades for kids.

The kids are constantly growing. So, a nice fit rollerblade you may buy now will be useless, in a few months, once your child outgrows their size. You would definitely don’t want to throw money down the drain like this.

Luckily, some rollerblades come with adjustable sizes, and the more the number of the sizes they could adjust, the better.

As a rule of thumb, consider buying blades that are a bit larger in size than your child’s foot size.

Wheels of the Rollerblade

Rollerblade Wheels comes in all shapes and size. One needs to be very careful about picking one for their kids, as they predominantly define the smoothness and comfort of skating on a different track.

First and foremost, the wheel must not be made up of plastic. Plastic wheels don’t last long and highly unsuitable for skating. Instead, the wheel must be manufactured from polyurethane, which, in turn, are stiffer and durable than plastic wheels.

Secondly, the wheel size must be in line with the skating tracks and riding styles. The aggressive rollerblades have smaller wheels to give the rider more control and stability while performing tricks. As the kids are in their learning phase, and their muscles are not developed yet to flex the blades, there is no point in going for the small wheeled aggressive blades. On the contrary, large wheels sizes, between 70-80 mm diameters, are more appropriate for kid’s usage.

The last parameter is related to skating tracks. The hardness of the wheel, measured using the Durometer scale, decides whether it is appropriate for outdoor tracks or indoor. Most wheels fall between 70 and 100 on the Durometer A scale with 100 allocated to the hardest wheel. The outdoor tracks are hard, so soft wheels with 80A hardness is the viable option, the opposite is true for indoor tracks. 

Bearings of the Rollerblade

Next to wheels, the bearing is the most critical component in inline skaters. They limit or enhance the smoothness of the ride and the top speed of the skates.

There are a number of bearing scales in the market. The ABEC scale by Annular Bearings Engineers Committee, an American institute, is the most popular among them. ABEC scale categorizes bearing on a scale from 1 to 9 with only odd numbers in between. An ABEC 1 bearing lasts longer than others, and is quite inexpensive. However, it suffers in speed and smoothness for being less precise. Conversely, the ABEC 9 scale is pretty fast and smooth.  But, it significantly raises the price of the rollerblades.

ABEC 3, ABEC 5, and ABEC 7 bearings are appropriate for kids. Remember, the higher the number at the end of the scale, the better the efficiency and speed of the skates.

Some companies like rollerblades and K2 have their own SG and ILQ grading system respectively. They also have used numbering to differentiate bearings which are more or less the same as the ABEC 1 being the less efficient and 9 being the most.

Closure system of the Rollerblade

Rollerblades are not limited to one closure or lacing system. There are three different types: One, old-school like any other shoes; second, speed lacing; and third, BOA lacing.

Even the most common type of lacing is supported by buckle clasp top closure and a mid-point Velcro closure, so the kid’s feet must properly fit in the rollerblades. However, there is a catch. These laces are difficult to evenly tie and untie, and you would have to help your kid doing so.

The speed lacing is a mechanism by which you would only have to pull the tab and it will evenly tighten the shoes. Next, you would have to just secure it at the tab. To put off the skates, you would have to close the tab using a quick-release mechanism in it. Children can do that themselves, so you would not have to go through the trouble of repeatedly tying and untying the shoes.

The BOA lacing is a sophisticated lacing system that makes the whole process absolutely a child’s play. So, it is the most desirable closure system to look into while buying a rollerblade for your kids. A simple knob at the head of the rollerblade does all the job with a little turning of it. It also has a quick-release mechanism to quickly pull off the shoes.

Boots or liner of the Rollerblade

There are two important things to be considered while selecting a kid’s rollerblades on the basis of boots. Make sure that they are removable, and that they have enough holes to let the feet breath air. Also, they should be large to allow for a more comfortable fit and to last longer.

Holes are necessary for proper ventilation of feet in extreme summer. Whereas, removable boots can be easily washed.  

The long boots must be bolstered by high cuff to provide support to the ankle of the kids.


There are a few minor things to consider also like the gender-specific rollerblades and the illuminating rollerblades. To be honest, there is nothing like a female rollerblade. But then why many companies tout their rollerblades as specifically for girls? It might be that the girls fancy an altogether different color scheme than boys, for they have been raised by their parents to prefer one color over others. The illuminating rollerblades emit light as they move forward, therefore captivate the kids a lot. Buying an illuminating rollerblade is definitely going to delight your kid.


All top-notch products that I have enlisted above have more or less the same features. Most of them have been using ABEC 7 bearings coupled with Polyurethane PU wheels: a killer combination that guarantees a smooth riding experience. Also, they have an illumination mechanism in wheels, an unusual feature in rollerblades that have been specially incorporated for kids. All of them are secure and comfortable, as they have a triple closure mechanism. Feel free to pick any of them, and comment below to give your feedback.