Kitchen mats, are they really important? If someone asks me this question, I’ll say, Is it really a question? Of course! kitchen mats are absolutely necessary for a modern kitchen. If you have come across the oh so painful fate of falling down on to the kitchen floor, then you know what I am talking about. Especially if you have slippery floors or oil or water spills in the kitchen. Therefore, kitchen mats save thee by delivering much-needed anchorage.

When preparing ravishing meals, you need your upper AND lower body strength combined, to be able to nail your dish. So, a kitchen mat comes into play to make sure you have a firm standing.

Oh and if you don’t want to read through the entire article, I recommend the following best kitchen mats for their outstanding features.

Best Price/Value

Cosyhomeer 28X18 Inch Washable Kitchen Mat

Intricately woven and exquisitely patterned, this 28X18 Inches washable Kitchen mat offers unmatchable value at this price.

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Best Price

Cosyhomeer Anti-fatigue mat

Adored due to its price and paralleled quality, this multipurpose antifatigue rug is an affordable option for people on a tight budget.

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Best Quality


Best kitchen mat, quality-wise, is the Kangaroo Standing Mat. This Amazon’s bestseller is available in multiple sizes and colors to save your day. This is the best quality kitchen mat available in the marketplace today.

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  • Size: 32 x 20 inches
  • Available Colors: Multiple
  • Weight: 2.76 pounds
  • Warranty: 10 years


  • Wide variety of colors to match your aesthetic
  • Various sizes to cover any area you deem imperfect.
  • Ergonomically engineered thick mat provides cushioning to your tired feet.
  • Delivers support to people with joint and back issues.
  • The water-resistant layer prevents it from getting ‘soggy.’
  • 10 Year warranty exudes durability.


  • Breaks your bank.

The reason behind it being the best kitchen mat is due to its delivery of features. It consists of 3 layers shipped flat, unlike other brands that send their cramped and bent versions. Topmost is a water-resistant, durable sheet. Followed by a thick inner premium grade foam. Lastly, it has a slip-resistant underside.

Moreover, you do not have to worry about any harmful chemicals or toxins seeping into the skin. It’s perfect for doing chores that require standing for long periods. The Kangaroo Mat can even be used as a desk buddy, to keep your feet at ease while you manage long hours of file work. With a wide variety of sizes and colors, it surpasses all.

  • Size: 27X18 inches
  • Available Colors: Multiple
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Weight: 0.8 lbs


  • 100% polypropylene distributes a super comfortable and soft feel.
  • Its surface is stain-resistant, which means you do not have to scrub your back into it.
  • PVC back side is perfect for skiddy floors that need taming.
  • An outstanding water-absorbing quality.
  • Budget-friendly cost.


  • The thinner cushioning effect lacks optimum comfort.
  • Lack of size variations, as compared to other options on my list.

Cosyhomeer anti-fatigue mat reigns in second due to its compelling characteristics for your aching feet. Its use isn’t restricted to your kitchen, it can also be utilized outside shower areas, in bedrooms or any entrance. When you feel the need to renew its feel, just pop it into a washing machine to wash away any accumulated dirt.

It is flawlessly engineered to provide firm anchorage and support to your posture during prolonged episodes of work. Available in a range of colors, this mat manages to fight away stains through its stain-resistant polypropylene surface. It also inhibits water from pooling, which may have augmented the chances of you falling down.

  • Size: 28X18 Inches
  • Available Colors: Red, Brown, Grey
  • Weight: 0.77 lbs
  • Material: 100% Polypropylene


  • Perfectly concocted for high spillage areas, absorbs it right up.
  • The PVC underside prevents the mat from skidding with movement.
  • Excellent absorbing quality.
  • Has a stain-resistant surface so there’s no need for frequent cleaning.


  • Size variations are not available, as compared to the ones mentioned above.
  • The lesser extent of cushioning means less support.

The intricately woven and exquisitely patterned, best kitchen mat is made purely of polypropylene. It’s striking red and brown color variables, along with its bordered block pattern, is quite eye-catching. The contrast design is perfect to match your interior layout. Furthermore, the surface stays put even after being exposed to high friction. You can place it anywhere where water spillage or the slip factor is high. A soft feel with anti-slip security puts a stop to your worries and will not let you down. Its knotted pattern does not splay in comparison to woolen mats. Cosyhomeer is one of the best kitchen mats that provide anchorage to your posture, especially during extended chores.

  • Size: 17″x47″+17″x28″
  • Material: PVC Foam
  • Weight: 4.7 lbs
  • Style: 2 piece


  • Added PVC high-density foam supports posture and position.
  • 2 mats in one set, prove good value for money.
  • The surface is resistant to oil and water, due to high-quality adhesive lining in between the layers.
  • Easy cleaning by wiping damp cloth.
  • Beveled edges avert tripping.


  • Light and thin material tend to couple and slide.

Who said black and white were no fun? The chic look of this mat set just had to be in my list of best kitchen mats. More area coverage and a range of colors and designs are also available. It may seem thin, but the high-density foams add comfort. Proving to be one of the best anti-fatigue kitchen mats preventing the impact of your feet from the ground.

Moreover, it is super easy to clean without having a fear of their print fading away. Just wipe the mat with a damp cloth to make it good as new. Since there are two mats, you can place it at different places according to priority. This way, you will end up with matching, fashion-forward, anti-fatigue kitchen mats, ready to guarantee your safety.

  • Size: 18″x28″+18″x48″
  • Colors: Multiple
  • Weight: 3.44 lbs
  • Material: Polyester & Polyester Blend


  • HEBE mat has a Latex rubber underside, so it does not skid.
  • It also tends to absorb and dry at a fast pace.
  • The knotted surface does not wear off with time.
  • Machine wash can be done with no difficulty.


  • Harder feel as compared to cushioned mats with foam.
  • The size delivered is smaller as compared to the picture.

Another set of two in the list of best kitchen mats, adored for its rustic look and features, is the HEBE Rug. Made from polypropylene, this mat offers ease of handling and durability, going hand in hand with uplifting décor. It has a knotted surface pattern that provides ease and ensures durability, as stains and continued exposure do not impair it with time. So, if your kitchen faces a lot of spillages, it will be your savior and prevent you from falling down. They are super easy to clean through the machine. After having them washed, this mat will not shrink in size, neither will its pattern fade away. Adding to it, the HEBE mats are experts at keeping a low profile as they are quite thin. Place them anywhere according to your liking.

  • Size: 17.7 x 7.1 x 5.4 inches
  • Weight: 4.4 lbs
  • Material: PVC
  • Available Colors: Buffalo Plaid (Multiple)


  • 10mm thickness cushion muffles impact and provides substantial support to your joints.
  • Designed from exceptional quality PVC leather, makes it waterproof and oil proof.
  • The underside comes with added rubber, hence has Anti-skid property.
  • PVC leather is environment-friendly.
  • Easy maintenance, just cleans with soap or detergent and wipe away the mess.


  • It cannot absorb spilled water. Leaving it to be a threat in non-mat covered areas.
  • Quite expensive as compared to other kitchen mats mentioned on my list.

Kimode has the best kitchen mat set in leather with beveled edges. That, too, in many chic designs and various sizes. Made from thick leather, this mat set is perfect to accompany you while you put away tedious piles of work. Rubber backing maximizes friction and makes it applicable on any slippery or smooth surface, be it wood, ceramic, or marble. Hence, it will ensure your security when water spillage is an issue. Kimode is effortlessly cleaned as well as amalgamating with your floors to assist you in comfort. Its durability deems it perfect for use with kids and pets.

  • Size: 1’8 x 2’10 inches
  • Weight: 1.55 lbs
  • Material: Nylon
  • Available Colors: Neutral


  • It comes with a 0.44-inch mat Pile Height, rendering it quite soft and padded.
  • The backside has adhered latex to provide maximum protection from skidding.
  • The 100% Nylon makes it fade-resistant and long-lasting.
  • Effortless cleaning through a machine wash.


  • Prone to stains as Nylon absorbs various materials rather quickly.
  • Prone to dust, dirt and pet hair accumulation, making cleanup frequent

When your house and comfort lack details, Maples can be trusted for their unique rugs. Their intricate design and craftsmen ship exudes class and finesse. The real softness and luxury of Nylon with a twist of vintage touch accentuate your lifestyle leaps and bounds. Its delicate yet eye-catching design is perfect for high traffic areas of your house as well as your kitchen. Won’t skid and certainly won’t fade easily.

Moreover, the tough fibers offer durability. They prove a sturdy base for you to anchor on. The Maples distressed tapestry kitchen rug is a perfect blend of antique design and outstanding modern features. You can choose from various sizes that suit your requirements.

  • Size: 17 x 8 x 8 inches
  • Available colors: Bohemia
  • Material: PVC
  • Weight: 4.5 lbs


  • Beveled edges provide a progressive decline rather than a steep one.
  • Resistant to stain as high-quality PVC is water and oil proof.
  • Leather is eco-friendly, composed of Nature Dyestuff and ecological adhesives.
  • Added rubber backing won’t let you slip.
  • Smooth surface and stain-resistant material, is easy to clean.


  • Cheaper and better alternatives available in the market.
  • Cannot absorb water, allowing it pool around.

After long hours of servitude, when the back hurts, and the joints crack. Kimode comes to sweep you from your feet, quite literally. Kimode does it again, with their stylish leather kitchen mats. This set of two is not only an anti-fatigue kitchen mat, but it is also a fashion statement. It has a wide range of designs and sizes to match the house interiors perfectly. The high-density mat deters the impact of being inflicted on your brain. The surface is smooth that does not allow dirt to trap and accumulate, with added beveled edges. Hence, there shall be no tripping from the high cushioned comfort zone. Perfect for places with high spillage, especially kitchens. Adds comfort and safety to your stressful life.

  • Size: 34 x 20 x 0.3 inches
  • Weight: I lbs
  • Material: Nylon
  • Available colors: Multiple (muted)


  • It is made from 100% promising durability and longevity.
  • The artwork does not fade away with time, staying as picturesque as ever.
  • The fabric, along with its 0.44 Pile Height, aids it in maintaining a low profile.
  • Maples nylon kitchen mat comes with a rubberized underside, to avoid skidding


  • Not many designs available to choose from.
  • Collects dirt very quickly

The Maples black beauty’s vibrant floral design on the black background adds a bold statement to your kitchen. This rug is downright gorgeous, that too at an affordable price. The soft fabric not only gives you relief, but it also provides a long-lasting tenure. The rubber back side makes it stay glued to the ground for you to carry on with work. Besides, it is tough on the ground, offering high resistance on surfaces like ceramics, wooden floors, or marble. Its edges are finely sewed in to avoid any pieces of thread or fabric splaying away. It will accentuate your décor and be adored by your pets too.

  • Material: high density PVC foam
  • Size: 18”x30”+18”x59”
  • Weight: 3.72 pounds


  • Made from 100% pure Olefin Pile.
  • The fabric makes the rug weighted that prevents it from budging.
  • Closely adapts the floor while keeping a low profile, with its 0.44-inch Pile Height.
  • The rug has latex underside to make it skid-resistant.
  • Olefin Pile is Stain and Spill-resistant.


  • Shipped folded that generates a visible crease, bending the rug.
  • Large tufts are prone to catch dirt and dust, altering its aesthetic and appeal.
  • Rather bulky so forget about moving it around often.

The Maples Rebecca’s homey rug made from Olefin Fibers is one to beat. The natural fibers not only provide relief, but they also augment the overall look. Rebecca runner rug has finely assembled fabric tufts. It consists of added sewed edges to keep the rug intact, especially during machine wash. These soft rugs are great at staying put, making sure not to bundle under pressure. These runner rugs guarantee safety and extravagance with their anti-skid latex surface. Hence, there is no need to invest in an added rug pad. It is a sophisticated looking hallway and kitchen mat, fashioned by geometric patterns.

Things To Consider When Shopping For Kitchen Mats

I know what you are thinking. It is just a kitchen mat! But having met your fate and the floor, your point of view may have altered. A kitchen mat is a necessity when you put in long hours in the kitchen. Standing barefoot for an extended time harms your brain and ability to function. Moreover, Kitchen mats add color and depth to your kitchen. So, waste no time in combating slippery floors!

Here are the most essentials factors that you must bear in mind while purchasing the best kitchen mat.

Color and Design

To choose the best kitchen mat, you must decide on its design and color. Several factors play into its importance. The color should not make you feel suffocated or dull in the holy place of food. Try adding uplifting colors to lighten your mood. Bear in mind, that green is great at reducing stress.

Next, the design. Everything in your household must compliment each other. Try adding contrast or geometric patterns to add depth. It all depends on your imagination. You can also be a little creative here and express yourself in the rug.


Now getting to the gritty details. The material, be it leather, nylon, or Olefin fibers or PVC, as I have mentioned in brands above, should sit well according to your needs. The pattern of weave, if a fabric is being chosen, is vital as well, especially if you have pets who like to mess things around.

If your kitchen faces more oil and water spills, then better choose something more rough and tough that has a likeness towards the washing machine. Additionally, it should not require frequent cleaning. Look for a stain and spill-free mat. Kitchen mats that can be wiped clean are easier to maintain than the ones made of fiber. Fabric made mats do look rustic, timeless, and offer softness and comfort. Still, a significant drawback is the accumulation of dirt and its likeability to stain. If you are still adamant on fabric, then purchase one with seamless stitching.

The mat should not budge. Be it any material you choose, do not forget to check the underside for a rubber or latex coating. This is the best anti-skid antidote. Mats not having any, require under pads, which is another added pointless investment.


If you are an individual who spends most of the time standing in your kitchen, its best to invest in an anti-fatigue mat to assist you in providing comfort to those tired feet. You have to decide between high-density PVC leather or foam. These two offer the most padding, and out of these two, a multi-layer cushioned mat is best to keep your impact to a minimum.

The best anti-fatigue mats are perfect standing mats. They make your life and work more relaxed, and they are comparatively easier to clean too.

Size and Layout

Another vitality to consider is how much area do you want to be covered. There are many kitchen mats sets available – mentioned in my list of reviews – that cover more space if needed.

If you prefer standing in one place, then size can be small, but with high traffic areas, it is best to buy either a set or a runner rug.

It also depends on your kitchen layout. Runner rugs offer the illusion of making the place look longer. Whereas wide squares or rectangles are best for wide-open spaces. It all depends on your mode of activity.


A kitchen rug should not, in any way, cost you an arm and a leg. I have mentioned good quality rugs with high-end prices as well as low prices on my list. Your kitchen mat must be a wise investment, so do not fall for a low price or material alternatives.

Closing Thoughts

The above-mentioned best kitchen mats are the most adored by people all over the world. These promise quality and value for money. However unimportant it may seem, a kitchen rug is vital to have around in the house, especially if you have minors, elders with disabilities or pets. A kitchen mat will not only enhance your décor, but its anti-fatigue properties will benefit your posture, aching joints, and will forsake any mishaps from happening. So, be sure to follow my advice on what’s worth considering when looking for the best kitchen mat, and you will not be disappointed. All the best for your purchase!