If you are looking for the best jack stands but unable to find one, then you might have been quite stressed up as to how to lift the car or any other vehicle? To release your tension, we are here to offer you one of the best jack stands in your workshop.

They are an essential means to provide extensive, solid points of contact that will prevent the vehicle from getting displaced off the point of contact. They are supporting the raised vehicle. For getting this valuable equipment, we have mentioned down the 12 jack stands for the money that will meet your choice. Also, we have chosen the top 3 jack stands that are ensuring excellent quality:

Comparison Table

Products Capacity Price Warranty Length
Torin t43004 3 tones $80 No 16.25  to 25.75
Hein-Werner 6 tones $134 2 Years Not specified
Omega 32066 6 tones $93 1 Year Not specified
Torin T43002A 2-3-6 tones $37 1 Year Not specified
ESCO 10498 3 tones $54 No 13.2 to 21.5
Torin Big Red 2-3-6-12 tomes $35-$70 No 11.2 to 16.7
TONDA Steel 2 – 3 tones $27 No 10.7 to 11
Pro-LifT T-6906D 6 tones $45 No 15 to 23.5 inches
W41023 heavy duty 6 tones $52 No 5-1/2 to 23-1/2
AmazonBasics SW-STJK02   2 tones $35 1 year Not specified
Powerzone 380035   2 ones $48 No 10-3/8 to 16-3/8
Cartman JA110704   3 tones $24.94 No 10.9 to 16.34

Product Reviews

  • The company provides the whole through the mechanism, which is adjustable according to the height of the car and is very easy to use.
  • It can lift to 3 tones and can extend up to 16.25 inches to 25.75 inches in length.
  • It is available to the nearest $80 for a whole set in the market.


  • Low price as compared to other products
  • Easy to use whole pin mechanism
  • Large and stable base ground
  • Lightweight because of aluminum body


  • Suitable for car and not for SUV’s because of minimal weight lifting capacity
  • Pin whole mechanism has only 5 level height mechanism
  • The positioning of the stand is impossible without lifting your vehicle to 16.25 inches

Distinguish from other jack stands because of its flatbed design, which provides stability and improved footprint as compared to others. Whole-body is made up of aluminum, which is rustproof and lighter in weight.

It is highly suitable for cars, but not recommended for SUV’s because of the lightweight aluminum body. You can use it easily without any problem. It is user-friendly and helps the mechanic to overcome any kind of problem that might relate to the lifting of the vehicle. It surely is one of the best car jack stands.

  • Currently, the company is providing the whole pin mechanism and promises that in upcoming products, it will include a double lock mechanism.
  • It can lift up to 6 tones, which is enough for cars and SUV’s and strong because of steel build.
  • It is available to the nearest $134 for a whole set in the market.


  • Two years’ warranty with parts replacement
  • Stable folded base for floor protection and keeps floor scratch-free
  • The strong build of cold solid, strong steel


  • No option for 2nd lock available
  • Not economical at all as compared to other competitive products in the market
  • Information regarding how much it can extend in length is not given

Hein-Werner HW93506 Jack stand is famous for its stable base and with need and sturdy construction, which can be felt by lifting with the hand. It is made of cold solid roll steel, and the footing is folded due to which minimizes the damage to the flooring. The company provides two years warranty for the product, which is also a sign of the durability of the product.

It is made of a large base that provides proper stability and strength, which against add value to the product and makes it stand out as compared to competitor’s products.

  • The company is also providing a 1-year warranty, which makes the product more competitive in the market. It also has a counterweighted pawl locks for safety purpose.
  • It can lift up to 6 tones, which is suitable for both heavy and small vehicles, and normally people buy this product because of this quality.
  • It has a price tag of 93$ for a whole set in the market, which is again competitive because of the heavy lifting of both small and heavy vehicles.


  • Economical as compare to other product in the market
  • Durable and robust steel build, which is even rust-free
  • Suitable and reliable for both cars and heavy vehicle


  • Complex mechanism because of self-rising jack mechanism
  • The not large base stand and still room for improvement
  • Only 1-year warranty

It has a simple design, it has a spring mechanism that increases height, and when you release the lever, it locks itself into position.

This mechanism is called self-rising jack. It has a good build structure that provides a firm base. Self-rising arm accommodates in the daily routine task, but it reduces the easy to use policy, which often reflects in customer’s demand, the customer is seen reluctant to use complex machines as compared to the old mechanism.

  • Its length can be extended up to 11.25 inches to 16.75 inches, which is a right length for a car.
  • It can lift to 5000 pounds, which is up to 3 tones, suitable for only small vehicles.
  • It is very priced competitive in price $37 for a set, about half the price of Torin t43004 aluminum jack stand.


  • Economical as compare to Torin t43004 aluminum jack stand, about half the price
  • Double lock feature for safety
  • Enhance floor grip and protection
  • More stops while lifting


  • Maximum height is not impressive
  • Only suitable for car and not for a heavy vehicle like SUV’s
  • 1-year limited manufacturer warranty

It is made up of high-grade steel, which is rustproof and suitable for the vehicle under 5000 pounds. Useful for cars but not for SUV’s. The company provides a double lock feature means after adjusting the vehicle on a certain height, another lock is provided for safety purposes.

It is one of the best jack stands that has all the good features. It is reliable and durable. It helps in the lifting of the vehicle up to a certain height so that the worker can easily get underneath the car and work over certain parts of the vehicle.

  • It has a pinhole mechanism, and you have first lifted the vehicle and adjust according to your needs.
  • It can lift up to 3 tones and suitable for a small vehicle.
  • The price of this product is $54.95 is quite economical as compared to other products.


  • Price competitive as compared with market products.
  • Durable, reliable, long-lasting and extendable
  • Rubber pad on top prevents from scratches


  • Limited weight capacity, suitable for small cars
  • Pinhole mechanism, and have to lift vehicle for placement of jack stand
  • After continuous usage, rubber pads become useless

It is a very different product as compared to others, and it has a flat rubber top that leaves no dent on your vehicle.

Designed for limited capacity for a small vehicle and has a circular base on the floor for maximum stability on the ground. It can extend up to 13.2 inches to 21.5 inches and has ten adjustable positions.

  • The saddles in this jack stand are much broader and deeper than others.
  • They are easily adjustable, which increases the accuracy of the jack.


  • The solid material support durability.
  • Can Support any car
  • Inexpensive as compared to others.
  • High-quality materials are used in it.


  • This jack can’t support high duty vehicles.
  • The locking functionality is clunky.
  • No warranty
  • No second safety lock

Some of our best recommendations are Torin Big Red Steel Jack, Torin belongs to a well-known brand as their products are of high-quality. It is lightweight used to support your vehicle, which handles a wide range of vehicles, ranges from height 11.22” to 16.7”, which comes in different variations according to the weight supports. It supports up to 2, 3, 6, and 12 tons of weight and has a large surface area for providing a better attachment with the points of the vehicle. The jack stand is designed for the safety of life and property.

Jack stand is made of rock-solid. The construction is from high-graded forged steel and a welded frame design that ensure maximum stability and durability. It is resistant to corrosion or rusting due to which it lasts for a longer period of time.

  • Handles in release and portability of saddle lock.
  • Rust-resistant adds the long-life of the jack.
  • The iron and steel material used in the jack increase durability.
  • The large size saddle helps you contact more with the load and increase the stability.


  • Easy to handle and energy-saving jack.
  • Durable steel and iron body.
  • Contain feature of automatic lock.
  • A large foot base helps you provide stability and also allows you to use jack even on a soft surface.
  • Supports uniform and reliable welding.


  • It only weights up to 3 tons, which is not enough.
  • It is not as save as the pinhole type.
  • No warranty
  • No second safety lock

Tonda seeks jack is one of the most high-rated products due to its high-quality and low price. The construction of this jack stand is made up of two materials, the steel, and iron. Steel is used in frame and iron, which is used in arms of this jack. The jack offers durability and long-life due to its rust-resistant finish.

It has a durable steel frame. Also, it has a broad size foot base, can also be kept on soft grounds. It is offering stability and strength ultimately. The cost is reasonable and not at all burden on your budget. The jack can hold from 2 tons to 3 tons of weight and lift load up to 10.7 to 11 inches.

  • Support height adjustment mechanism.
  • The high ductile cast iron adds durability and reliability.
  • Allows double lock, which provides safety against incidents or accidents.


  • It offers stability through a large base.
  • It locks height quickly through the iron ratchet.
  • Provide durability and long-life because of its steel body.
  • It can be used for a wide range of vehicles.
  • Lift weight up to 6 tons.
  • It offers an extra pin.


  • The minimum height of 15 is too much for the low-profile car.
  • It can be cheaper.
  • No second safety lock
  • No warranty

It is a high-quality product used to lift many vehicles and is constructed from sturdy steel, which raises weight up to 6 tons within a very reasonable and affordable price. The iron used in this jack is cast from the high-quality plastic iron ratchet, which is ideal for home or at work. It allows a double lock feature, which helps you handle both locks and mobility pin. This jack follows ANSI/PALD standards, which is ideal of use and height range of 15 to 23.5 inches.

It is even rust-free due to which it is durable and highly reliable for heavy-duty work and for long term purpose with extra strong floor grip. It has a competitive advantage and makes it stand out among all the other products that have fewer advantages but more disadvantages. However, it can bear a large weight of the vehicle that is up to 6 tons. Also, it has a number of features that make it unique in every sense.

  • Lift loads up to 6 tons.
  • A broad and large base offers stability and strength.
  • It is made from sturdy steel, which offers reliability and durability.
  • Have sturdy steel lifting saddle, which can rotate up to 360-degree.
  • Offer a double pump mechanism for quick lifting.


  • Light-weight
  • Oil and weather resistant.
  • Ideal for automotive and garage application.
  • For extra comfort, it has a weave fabric.
  • Heavy-duty steel frame


  • It has an outstanding rise up to 23.5, which can be bothering.
  • No Second safety lock
  • No warranty
  • The base size should be enlarged to provide proper stability and strength to the vehicle.

The attractive yellow colored jack designed to provide fantastic performance in lifting high weights.It lifts to 5-1/2 to 23-1/2 inches of height. The sturdy steel body with heavy-duty construction adds durability and strength to the jack stand.

Due to high-quality and performance, the product is trusted by hardcore automotive and professional mechanics. It has a 2-piece steel handle with a firm grip that helps you prevent damage to your vehicle.

  • Offers feature of self-locking ratchet which means no locking key is important.
  • You can read weight capacity easily.
  • Rustproof coating.


  • Reasonable price.
  • Excellent performance ratio.
  • Large and wide base, which allows stability and strength.
  • It contains a ratchet system through which it is possible to lock in height easily.
  • It offers one year of warranty.
  • It is made of steel which provides durability and reliability.
  • Compact and lightweight.


  • Allows lifting only 2-tons of weight.
  • No second safety lock
  • Load capacity must be increased according to customer’s demand

It comes with a pair of 2-ton jack stands, which can extend to the height needed. It is a lightweight and compact jackthat can be easily be placed and can be used for outdoor purposes. It has a large and wide U surface, which allows strength and stability.

It features a durable frame made of steel with a rustproof coating. This jack also provides a self-locking system through which you can auto-adjust the height from only one click.

  • It is equipped with a ratcheting system for height adjustment.
  • It offers high duty construction with a sturdy steel frame.
  • It offers a minimum height of 10-3/8 inches, which allows you to use this jack on low-profile vehicles.
  • It is made of high-grade steel.


  • Especially for beginners, easy to use.
  • It is made from steel which provides durability and reliability.
  • Large and wide base which offers stability.
  • Easy to lock due to the ratchet system.
  • Heavy Duty Jack
  • Safe to use.
  • Multi-position height adjustment.


  • It only lifts up to2 tons.
  • Provide no secondary locking.
  • No warranty
  • No second safety lock

The durable jack which allows lifting up to 2 tons and has a lifting range from 10-3/8 to 16-3/8 inches. It has a vast base that provides stability and strength for heavy loads. The vast base will easily get attached to the point of attachment, which is preventing the slip-over of the vehicle.

The jack for providing heavy construction due to its sturdy steel frame which is quite durable and reliable. They are equipped with a locking system for an easy high adjustment just from one click away. It is used for passenger cars mostly. It is not reliable for SUV’S or larger vehicles like trucks or tractors.

  • The ratchet system is safe and easy to use.
  • The quick adjustment mechanism provides extra safety.


  • Affordable Jack
  • The company offers two jack stands in the price of one.
  • Suitable for beginners, easy to use.
  • Meets ANSI requirements for safety and security.
  • Allows quick adjustment mechanism.
  • Long-lasting and Durable


  • Minimum height is up to 16.34 inches, which is not for the low-profile vehicle.
  • It is quite heavy.
  • Difficult to carry and trying to place it in the car trunk.
  • No second safety lock
  • No warranty

Cartman Jack stand supports double locking pawl and tooth design for extra safety. It one of the product which profile effective performance and durability with in very affordable price. Moreover, it provides a flexible range of height, which is used to lift from sports to SUV cars.

Despite the low cost, this jack is made of the sturdy steel frame which provides long-life and durability. It can be lifted from 10.9 to 16.34 of height range, which is quite higher and not good for low-profile vehicles. It cannot be carried anywhere because of its heavyweight. Therefore, it should be carried gently, and any one person can not handle it as it can get damaged or lose its value.

The Buying Guide for Best Jack Stands

How to select the right Jack Stand?

Although we have enlisted the best jack stands above, which will undoubtedly help you get the right product of your need before you think of purchasing anything, make sure to know the detail of it. You might have been confused when you have first visited the market for the jack stand you want to buy but ended up comparing one product with the other.

There are a lot of things that you must know before you think of buying the jack stands, as getting hands on the best choice will surely ease away your problems and will be considered the most suitable tool in your workshop. There are some of the factors described below, which are necessary for your convenience.

Type of Jack Stand

Before thinking of having a jack stand, you have to find out what kind of jack stand you want to buy for your requirement. There are four types of jack stand that is floor jack, scissor jack, hydraulic bottle jack, and Hi-lift jack. 

Floor Jack mainly used for the maintenance and repairing of certain parts of the vehicle. It has a round base that is easy to get in contact with the car. It can be moved in any position or at any spot for the part that you are going to lift. It is beneficial as a mechanic can quickly get underneath the vehicle.

Scissor Jack has a small size which you can also place in the trunk of the car. It makes use of screws to life the vehicle. The screw helps in the up and down movement and place underneath the car.

Hydraulic Bottle Jack comprises a lever that lifts the vehicle through hydraulic pressure. These jacks have alarge capacity and are quite portable and durable in use. You can use this jack on a road as it does not suit in changing the tire.

Hi-Lift Jack is one of the heaviest among all the other jack stands. It can lift a vehicle for about 5 feet. However, it cannot be carried along or placed in a car as it weighs about 30 pounds. Also, it has a massive capacity like a hydraulic bottle jack.  

They consider being the best car jack stands that have great significance, as mentioned above.

  • Base Area

The next factor that is more likely to be considered is the base area. With the increase in the base area, the jack stand gets more stable and take a grip on the surface. Please choose a jack stand that has a higher base area.

However, it might be difficult for you to adjust the jack stand, which is having a broad base area as the jack stand will not get fixed adequately to the points which help in the lifting of the car. Make sure that you must look for the right spot for proper accessibility and steadiness.


Many people have complained regarding the jack stands, which get slip off from their fixed, pivoted positions. But to prevent this happening, you have to grind it a little so that it can easily be attached to its spot.

However, it might be effortless for you to buy a new jack stand, but to repair the old one takes a little time as well as your effort in doing so. It is the only way through which stability gets maintained, and it is for the ones who want to work within their budget list and not to waste money on the new one.


The weld-quality tells the difference between the right quality product and a cheap quality product. The welding must be in every joint to prevent any mishap. The welds must be free from small gaps, cracks, pores, and other kinds of defects.

The weld-quality should be in a proper manner, enhancing the stability and durability of the product and also increases the value of the product.


The most common materials used in the making of the base of jack stands are aluminum and cold-rolled steel. In the ratchet jack, the adjustment arm is made up of cast iron. Also, in some of the jack stands, the arm is made up of cold-rolled steel.

The cold-rolled steel is mostly preferred as it is user-friendly, and also very strong. Moreover, it is not prone to corrosion and rusting

What tonnage should I need?

Tonnage is the weight that a jack stand can undergo safely. What kind of a tonnage you want depends on the type of vehicle you need? You first find out the weight of the vehicle, and if the weight appears in pounds, then you need to divide it by 2000 to get the weight in tons.

In this way, you can determine the tonnage you require for your vehicle. If we use the jack stand in pairs, it can bear a lot of weight, but if placed individually, then it is unable to take much load.

What’s the ideal range for my jack stand?

A lot of jack stand manufacturers have pointed out the significant factors regarding maximum height and the minimum height of the products. But, it entirely depends on you what the best ideal range for your jack stand that meets all your requirements is?

The first thing that you must keep in your mind is height.  You have to measure how much you can lift the vehicle and get under it to repair the parts. 

The minimum height causes the minimum lift of the vehicle, which you do not usually get to it. The jack stands that exceed your height by few inches are the priority of the people.

All these factors will get you the best jack stands for the money, holding considerable significance. They are helping you to get the best of the product.


These are the best jack stands for the money that is offering you several advantages and disadvantages. While we have added the best in the recommendations at a reasonable price. These products have higher ratings and have excellent reviews as specified by the people who are using it.

The factors will surely give you an idea of your choice and will make you more vigilant as to how to purchase it by noting down all the requirements described above. They also have warranties that may not put you in doubt but enhances your vision when buying different products other than jack stand.

If you have any queries or any uncertainty, you can contact us immediately. Also, you can give us your feedback or any recommendation regarding our service or any changes that you want us to implement in our jack stands.