Have you been on the hunt for best hacksaws but don’t know where and what to look for?

Even though the basic design behind the hacksaw has always been the same, there have been many new innovations being integrated in this product. In the recent models, there have been a lot of new changes that have not only increased the versatility of a hacksaw but it has also multiplied its efficiency and convenience.

If you have never bought a hacksaw before or your old one just broke itself and now you’re onto buying a new one, you would be glad to see all the options you now have. Compared to other manual saw types, like backpacking saws, hacksaws are very versatile and a lot more sturdy.

However, it isn’t always an easy task to shop online. Between the lack of hands-on experience and the marketing fluff, you can’t always know if the product that you’re about to purchase is worth it or not.

That is why I have assembled an entire list of best hacksaws that are available online and in the market. If the reviews aren’t enough, I have also compiled a detailed product buying guide for you that can be helpful to you in more than one ways.

But before you start reading about what I have in store for you, here are my top 3 picks from the best hacksaws enlisted below,

Best Price/Value

DeWalt DWHT20547L 5-in-1 Multifunction Hacksaw

It is highly efficient in performing versatile functions and comes with an extremely ergonomic design.

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Best Price

Greenlee 333A Die Cast Aluminum Hacksaw

The Greenlee 333A Die Cast Aluminum Hacksaw is perfect for cutting metals and aluminum pipes. Its high-tension blade makes it an excellent choice.

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Best Quality

Bahco by Snap-On 325 Premium Ergonomic Hacksaw

This is an all-in-one hacksaw that has been exclusively designed to make all your jobs easier than ever before. I did not encounter any major difficulties with this product.

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Comparison Table

ProductBlade TensionSize
DeWalt DWHT20547L 5-in-1 Multifunction Hacksaw50,000 PSI12-inch
Klein Tools 702-12 Hacksaw30,000 PSI12-inch
LENOX High Tension HackSaw50,000 PSI12-inch
Tekton 6823 2-in-1 Hacksaw50,000 PSI12-inch
Deluxe Mini Hack Saw225 PSI
Bahco by Snap-On 325 Premium Ergonomic Hacksaw50,000 PSI12-inch
Greenlee 333A Die Cast Aluminum Hacksaw30,000 PSI12-inch

Product Reviews

  • It features five distinct cutting options to choose from
  • Very hand and lightweight
  • It is ideal to use during home projects or even professional tasks
  • It features a low profile that allows it to cut through small spaces


  • Lightweight
  • Durable blade
  • Sharp cutting edge


  • A bit pricey compared to the other hacksaws

Have you been on the hunt for a hacksaw that provides you access to flush cuts without forcing you to switch to special Japanese hacksaws? If so, then you should take a look at DeWalt DWHT20547L Multifunction Saw that features a blade which pivots from 45 to 90 degrees, providing you with a magnificent cutting experience.
The high tensioned 330lbs blade has been designed exclusively to provide you with a strong cut without any wobbles or hindrances. You won’t even have to worry about snapping the blade when cutting through tough metal or wood.
The DeWalt DWHT20547L Multifunction Saw features a low profile frame which allows it to cut through narrow spaces and it stands up to hard work. The blade is attached directly into the front of the frame which provides easy access to small locations and gives out a longer reach.
This is a 5-in-1 blade which may sound a bit gimmicky but it comes in really handy. It weighs less than two and half pounds which makes it ideal for any craftsman or DIY-er who loves doing homely projects or professional tasks.
Since it comes with so many exceptional features, the DeWalt DWHT20547L Multifunction Saw is bound to lessen the load of you carrying numerous tools around. DEWALT has always been known for manufacturing some of the best hand tools and it is no surprise they have put forward their best deisgn when it comes to DeWalt DWHT20547L Multifunction Saw.
So, if you’re looking for a thoroughly handy and useful hacksaw that you can easily use to perform all your major and minor projects, then DeWalt DWHT20547L Multifunction Saw is a product that you need to look out for.

  • It is a 24-tooth per inch 12-inch hacksaw that can cut almost hardest and softest materials that you will ever find.
  • The product comes with a reciprocating blade with 24tpi which is perfect for cutting bi-metal.
  • It features an aluminum handle patented with a soft grip for easy handling


  • Highly efficient in cutting metals
  • Very easy to use
  • Features 2 blades


  • The frame design isn’t suited for cutting close quarters

The Klein Tools 702-12 Hacksaw is an innovative design and an impactful hacksaw that you will be able to enjoy from the very first time you start using it. The 2-in-1 Klein Tool Hacksaw quite literally uses two hacksaws in one and provides you with optimal performance.

The hacksaw is really easy to handle and use because of its patented designed aluminum handle that allows for a strong and sturdy grip. It won’t at all slip from your hands even if you’re putting maximum pressure on the hacksaw or your hands.
Even though most of the Klein Tools have been manufactured in USA, this one is exception because it has been manufactured in China but it still offers with topnotch performance.
The only thing that set us back with this product was its frame design which isn’t suited for close quarters but it has been tapered to reduce the clearance required. Aside for this glitch, the Klein Tools 702-12 Hacksaw is perfect for almost all kinds of projects and is quite appreciable for its performance.

  • Features a storage space
  • Extreme tension hacksaw that can handle blade tension up-to 50,000PSI
  • It features a rubberized handle for strong grip


  • Accurate cute
  • Amazing grip
  • Comes with a hacksaw blade storage


  • The blades are hard to change

If you have been looking for the best hacksaw for metal, then my next recommendation will be quite useful to you.
The Lenox 12132HT50 is an extreme high-tension hacksaw that will allow for blade tensions up-to 50,000PSI. This means you will get the most straight, accurate and fastest cuts out of this hacksaw from the entire market. you can easily fine-tune the tension to the blade and use it according to your own requirements.
The hacksaw comes with rubberized handle which makes it really easy to handle and hold, getting rid of all the chances of dropping it while doing your job.
The Lenox 12132HT50 comes with a blade storage in the I-beam across the top which is great since you will be able to store all your backup blades in one place to keep them secure and safe. in case you want to turn this hacksaw in a jab saw, all you have to do is store a reciprocating blade in the storage and attach it to the model whenever you need, making your job 10 times easier.
The only thing that I found difficult for this hacksaw is that it made changing blades quite difficult for me. You can change it by hand and will have to use different tools to get the job done.
Apart from that, this is an ideal hacksaw for any professional looking to get extreme tension hacksaw.

  • It comes with a blade tension of 225lbs
  • The hacksaw features two blade angels which include 90degrees and 180 degrees.
  • The large and comfortable tension knob makes it really easy to maintain the blade pace
  • The robust all metal frame is pretty solid and sleek


  • Very affordable
  • Perfect for small jobs
  • Easy to handle


  • Isn’t perfect for professionals

In case you are looking for a saw that will only be used one time or once in a while, then Deluxe Mini Hacksaw is a product that is worth considering.
It is ideal for small jobs and since it comes in a very pocket-friendly price, you can just throw it away if you’re done using it after the very first time. The Deluxe Mini Hacksaw features a very light frame which makes it different from the other available hacksaws in the market and also ensures you will be able to handle it easily.
The blade of this hacksaw is also lightweight, thin and different from the other models making sure it can be used conveniently and feels a lot different than the other models. The teeth of this blade however are very fine and sharp that easily cut hard metals and make the entire process seem very smooth and less aggressive.
If you want to cut softer and delicate surfaces, use Deluxe Mini hacksaw because it doesn’t seem aggressive as compared to the other hacksaws and provides a very accurate cut. The hacksaw features blade-tensioning screw which is very easy to install and allows you to control the blade tension effectively.
All in all, the Deluxe Mini Hacksaw is very easy to maintain and is ideal for those people who want a saw that they will be using once in a while.

  • The blade is 12-inches long which is very convenient for cutting large materials
  • It comes with an alternative 55 degree blade which can be mounted for flush cutting
  • You can easily use it as a compass saw
  • It has a strong rectangular back section where you can easily store extra blades


  • Comes with an ergonomic design
  • Very easy to use
  • Highly convenient


  • I didn’t encounter any con regarding this product

Talking about ergonomic hacksaws, my next recommendation is totally going to steal the show because it is by far the most amazing, convenient and powerful hacksaw that I have ever seen. The Bahco by Snap-On 325 Premium Ergonomic Hacksaw is the best hacksaw for wood because of its high-tension blade that makes cutting straight, well-accurate and extremely fast. The construction of this hacksaw is very well-thought and is very convenient and comfortable when you’re using it on tougher surfaces.
The company has used a thermoplastic material for the handle that offers a really comfortable grip and provides the users with better control and ease when cutting in oily and wet conditions. The hacksaw features a simple and sturdy blade which is very easy to change out whenever you want to replace the blade with another one.
The Bahco by Snap-On 325 Premium Ergonomic Hacksaw has been constructed by using a cast aluminum frame which is very easy to maintain and clean while providing maximum support when cutting rough and hard materials. The frame doesn’t break ever when you put a lot of pressure on it which is why this is the most convenient hacksaw I have ever used.
If you’re a professional who works in the field and wants to invest his money on something extremely reliable then Bahco by Snap-On 325 Premium Ergonomic Hacksaw is your best bet. The blade of this hacksaw is extremely sharp, it is easy to handle and makes cutting feel like a breeze. you can cut almost all kinds of materials with this hacksaw very easily and it is meant to last for a very long time.

  • It comes with tubular back that will allow you to keep all your blades in one place
  • It features a large 4-1/2” throat that makes it really easy to cut deeper
  • The company has used a bimetal blade design to ensure longevity


  • Sturdy handle
  • Ergonomic design
  • Very efficient in making accurate cuts


  • Isn’t really durable

The best part about buying a hacksaw is when you can easily make deep cuts with it without having to change your tool. Well, my next and last recommendation is here to ensure that you get a product that is keen on providing you with maximum output in your workshop.
The Greenlee 333A Die Cast Aluminum Hacksaw is among the best hacksaw that you will come across. It is a die-cast aluminum hacksaw with a large throat that enables the saw for deep cuts and makes handling really easy and comfortable.
The handle is break-proof because it has been constructed by using heavy-duty aluminum and tubular-back that will allow you to keep all your blades in one place.
It is an amazing hacksaw and among the best one for cutting metal, pipes and aluminum. The frame of Greenlee 333A Die Cast Aluminum Hacksaw is really sturdy and it keeps the blade in right orientation making very efficient and accurate cuts.
I did found some durability with this product but apart from that, it serves its time really well and since it is highly economical, even if it does break itself, the breakage won’t hurt. Since it is extremely beneficial in cutting pipes and metals, it will be very ideal for all those professional searching for a hacksaw that will help them out in their metal business.
Last but not the least, the Greenlee 333A Die Cast Aluminum Hacksaw comes with an adjustment lever that allows the user to adjust the blade tension while he is cutting materials. So, if you have been on the lookout for a solid, convenient and highly efficient hacksaw, then this product is worth your consideration.

The Buying Guide For Choosing the Best Hacksaw

As you have read all my recommendation by now, you know about the top products that are available in the market when you’re out hunting for best hacksaws for wood or metal. But in case, our recommendations weren’t vast enough for you to decide the one you really want, here is our buying guide that can help you sort out that confusion. Also check out: Best reflex sight for hunting

When you step into the market and are determined to go home hand in hand with the hacksaw you end up purchasing, you need to ensure you have made the right choice so you do not regret your purchase later.

So, to make sure you have bought the right product, you need to determine what you’re looking for and then make sure to keep the following things in perspective in order to not regret your purchase later.


The first and foremost thing you need to consider when buying a hacksaw is to ensure it will answer to the need of hacksaw. Check the quality of the materials that have been used to manufacture the hacksaw and then think about if it will be able to cut the materials that you’re expecting it to cut.

Quality must be your top priority when looking for a hacksaw. It will not only ensure that you end up with the right product but it will also be insurance you need to not purchase another hacksaw for a long time.

Value for the money

Every hacksaw user will want top quality hacksaw when buying one and trust me when I say, a good quality hacksaw is not going to cost you a lot.

A good hacksaw comes at a very affordable price range and all you have to do is look for it.

My personal suggestion, always compare several products of different brands. It will give you a detailed idea of what you need to look for and which product comes with maximum specifications.

Once you’re done comparing products, choose the one that offers you maximum support in minimum price and range.

Easy to handle

Cutting metals and hardwood isn’t an easy job to do. You have to carry a lot of weight and at times, that is not an easy thing to do.

This means you need to find a hacksaw for yourself that is easy to handle. Look for a hacksaw that comes with an ergonomic handle that will allow you to carry the hacksaw easily and conveniently. This will make cutting easy and you won’t have to carry a lot of load when cutting tough and hard surfaces.

Sharp blades

I know I am mentioning this quite late but this is something you should not neglect at all. A hacksaw with a blunt blade will not be any use to you.

The sharpness of the blade always determines how smooth and easy the cutting process is going to be. Make sure the hacksaw you’re buying has a sharp cutting edge. A good blade should have no problem cutting hard metals and plastic. Always check on the shop if you’re buying the hacksaw physically and see how good it performs so you know what to expect.


This refers to the bow frame that holds the entire hacksaw together. Most of the hacksaws you find in the market have frames either made up of steel or plastic. Apart from that, these frames can also be fixed or adjustable type.

A fixed frame will only accommodate one blade length while an adjustable will offer you versatility and you can attach several kinds of blades to it. Most of the fixed frames are very cheap and can be easily afforded but adjustable frames may be a bit a bit pricey. If you’re buying a hacksaw for constant use, I suggest you go for adjustable frames.

Blade tension

An easy to adjust, safe and reliable blade tension is really necessary in preventing the blade from wobbling when the stroke gets faster and aggressive.

You need to make sure the blade tension has be tightened so it won’t break while you’re cutting and it also provides you with an efficient cut.


Last but not the least, this is something I always mention at the end because I know most of the people do not want budget to determine their purchase but to be fairly honest, it always does.

You need to determine your budget before you barge into shops. You should know what pocket you have so you look for hacksaws under that price range. You can decide your budget by determining if you will be using your hacksaw for professional purposes or you just want to have it in your home workshop.

Another thing that will determine your budget is how often you plan on using the hacksaw. If you think you will be using it regularly, then buy something but pricey but if hacksaw is something that you won’t be using that consistently, then a cheap hacksaw will do just fine for you.

So, these are all the things you need to keep in perspective when you’re hunting for best hacksaws in the market. I hope I was able to shed some light on the much needed things to be considered. If you keep all these things under consideration, you will never regret your purchase.


As you have read through my recommendations and the entire buying guide, I hope you now have a better insight on how to buy yourself the best hacksaw. I collected all these products based on top recommendation by experts, personals tests and user reviews.

One last thing that I would suggest to all my readers is that whoever you’re shopping online, always read reviews of the products or the seller before you place your order. Online reviews provide us with great knowledge about the purchase you want to make. You need to make sure you use it for your own good.