Why buy a grill cover? The arguments in favor of buying a grill cover are far greater in number than the ones against it. Their foremost application is to provide grill protection against different weather conditions. Also, it keeps critters away from the grill, as they often take up residence inside it. They are only impractical for grills in commercial usage.Enough said on the benefits of grill covers. Let us check out the best grill covers available in the market, as that is the sole reason why you are here.

This article comprises of ten top-notch grill covers that are thoroughly reviewed so you can pick one for yourself. In addition to this, there is a detailed buying guide that entails all the necessary aspects one must consider while looking for a grill cover. However, if you are in a hurry, you can take a look at our three best picks according to value, price and both.

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Best Price/Value

Homitt Gas Grill Cover

Durable | Water proof | UV resistant and rip resistant | Wide compatibility | Storage bag included

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Best Quality

Classic Accessories Veranda Grill Cover

Water resistant | UV resistant Backed by warranty | Handles to maximize convenience | Storage pocket

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Reviewed Products

  • This Homitt bbq cover measures 58″L x 24″W x 48″H, fits most grills with 3 to 4 burners, width between 55 and 58inch.
  • Heavy-duty waterproof 600D oxford fabric and PVC layer
  • UV resistant design
  • Handles and Straps
  • Dually Sewn


  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • UV resistant and rip-resistant
  • Wide compatibility
  • Storage bag included


  • Some users reported that it covers fade over time
  • No counter mechanism against entrapped moisture

Homitt gas grill cover is the best compromise between affordability and performance.

Let us start with the material of the cover. The 600D oxford fiber is a heavy-duty material that lasts for a fairly long time. The 600 Dernier indicates it is thick enough to resist heavy-duty tearing and heavy snow and rainfall. The seams are doubly sewn, thus add extra protection to the fabric.

The Velcro straps fit it securely into its the place, and comes very handy when you are faced with storm and heavy rain. The handle at the two sides makes it convenient to cover and uncover the grill. Nobody wants to be struggling with the grill while putting it on and off, especially in demanding situations.

Its ultraviolet resistant design makes it fade-proof, so you won’t have to look at a blotched cover. The storage cover that comes with it might seem redundant, but it really becomes helpful when you are not using the cover. It keeps the cover clean and tidy.

Last but not least, its dimensions can fit nearly all popular grills in the market.

  • Heavy Duty Material: Made from 600D polyester fabric with side handles
  • Waterproof, dust-proof, UV resistant, weather-resistant, rip-resistant, and wind-resistant
  • Can be used throughout all seasons
  • 12 Months Warranty


  • Rip resistant
  • Waterproof
  • High-quality thick material
  • 12 months warranty


  • No ventilation

Anybody with a grill knows that if left outdoors, the weather takes a heavy toll on it. It will rust, much faster in rainy conditions; animals and insects will make it an abode, especially if your locality has them in abundance. A grill cover becomes a necessity in these conditions.

The simple warehouse has made grill covers keeping all these requirements in mind. It is a heavy-duty cover that can last the trial of weather and time. There are two 2” wide fasteners straps on the two sides that keep the cover securely into place, and also resist rainwater to come inside the cover. The side handles to make it convenient to use.

The dustproof design feature and UV protection against sunlight will make it an appealing sight even after months. Its universal dimension makes it adjustable to nearly all top-notch grills. And lastly, there is a 12 months warranty from the company, so you won’t have to worry while making the purchasing decision.

  • Gardelle Fabric design for efficient water resistance
  • Compatible with popular brands including Brinkmann, CharBroil, Jenn Air
  • It comes with a storage pocket to store utensils
  • Three years limited warranty


  • Water-resistant
  • Backed by warranty
  • Handles to maximize convenience
  • Storage pocket


  • Does not ensure for insulation

Unlike many other grill covers available in the market, this cover comes in a neutral tan color. And, when the dust storms are a common occurrence around you, this cover effectively hides the dust and debris. Also, the cover matches perfectly to the color is interior décor, and is loved by many users for that.

The water-resistant mechanism is quite efficient. Gardelle Fabric is a heavy-duty material that makes the top of this cover, while lamination at the back keeps water from entering the cover. The air ventilation allows for the removal of entrapped air in the cover. The splash skirt at the bottom resists the thrust of a heavy splash.

The size is compatible with many popular brands such as Brinkmann, CharBroil, and Jenn Air. The Click-close straps snap over legs or wheels so the cover doesn’t move around in the heavy wind. The pocket on the top is an extra feature that takes care of the tools, while handle makes it easy to carry.

Thousands of customers on amazon have trusted this cover, and surely you can too.

  • Dimension: 60-inch x 28-inch x 44-inch
  • Rip-resistant and UV protection
  • Convenient handles and straps
  • 600D polyester Fabric
  • Wide compatibility


  • Polyester fabric
  • Wide compatibility
  • Storage bag
  • Water-resistant
  • Convenient straps and handles


  • No proper ventilation

VicTsing Grill Cover has all what you need in a grill cover. It is made up of heavy-duty material, polyester fabric that can withstand dust and water thrust easily. The seams are doubly stitched and edged are bounded so the cover performs over a long period, and it actually does so.

Moreover, there are padded handles to make the process of covering the grill effortless. The Velcro straps and side magic tape keep the cover tightly in place. In their absence, the cover is likely to blow off the grill in heavy wind.

600D Oxford fabric with PVC layer makes the cover a perfect counter to the number-one enemy of the grill—water. The coating of hydrophobic material makes it a good water repellent, while the UV resistant design resists fading of cover in hot summer. Finally, its dimensions are compatible with a number of popular grills available in the market including Char-Broil, Kenmore, Brinkmann, Nexgrill, Holland, Jenn Air. All features collectively make it one of the best grill covers in the market.

  • Dimernsions:58″ L x 24″ W x 48” H
  • Flame resistant, weather-resistant and rip-resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • Light-weight


  • Dirt Cheap
  • Light-weight
  • Easy to clean
  • Storage pocket
  • Water-resistant


  • Some users reported the cover ripped at the seams

This grill cover is definitely the most inexpensive grill cover available in the market. Its dimension works for nearly all popular brands, but still, you should measure your grill to find whether the cover will be enough for it or not. A loose cover would turn your grill into a boat in wind storms.

The cover material is heavy and strong. The chemical treating on it makes it resistant against flames, ultraviolet rays and, especially, water. The absence of handlebar and straps is a major downside, but if it fits perfectly on your grill, there is no need for them. These covers are easy to clean as all you need to do is to hose it with water and the dust will come off. Overall, the product will add huge value to your life for the cheap amount you will spend on it.

  • Dimensions: 60” W x 24” D x 44” H
  • Velcro straps to secure the grill
  • Water and UV resistant
  • Includes Grill Brush, Tongs and Thermometer
  • A 36-month warranty


  • Lightweight
  • Water-proof
  • Fastening straps
  • Includes extra tools


  • Only compatible with weber grills

Although the grill cover never disappoints in quality and durability, the two most asked for features in a grill cover, there is a major downside that renders is undesirable for many buyers. It is compatible with only Weber Genesis—w whole series.

The material used in it is a high-quality polyester fabric which is by far the best match of strength and style. It is easy to fit onto the grill, thanks to the Velcro straps on the side that hold it in place.

Furthermore, it is easy to clean, all you need is to hose it with water and let it dry. The dirt will come off with a single wash.

What could be more impressive than a bunch of extra items with the grill. The whole package includes a thermometer for testing food’s internal temperature, tongs for flipping food, and a brush for cleaning the grill.

  • Dimensions: 55″ width by 23″ depth and 42″ height
  • Polyester fabric with vinyl lining
  • Wide covered mesh vents at both sides for air circulation
  • Durable fabric handles
  • Special Fade and UV Resistant Material


  • Durable
  • Wind resistant
  • Cold-resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • Air vents


  • I didn’t find any

The grill cover is second to none. By the looks of it, the cover just seems like run-of-the-mill black grill covers. However, the features it has are nothing short of extraordinary.

For protection against water, it has polyester fabric on the outside with waterproof vinyl lining on the inside. The seams are double sewn to make it rip-resistant. The fabric is soft yet sturdy to withstand both hot sun and freezing temperatures. In case if you don’t know, the hard fabric becomes brittle in cold weather and thus easily tear apart. In the hot summer, the vinyl treatment of the cover does not allow it to fade. The special fastening at the two sides secures it against the wind.

The handles and straps make it convenient to use, while the air vents allow for the air circulation. In the absence of vents, there are definite chances of the formation of mildew on the grill. It can fit on many popular grills, and a bit short for the legs to cover.

  • Dimensions: 58″ Length x 24″ Width x 48″ Height
  • HEAVY-DUTY PVC-lined Oxford material to resist UV, water, and air
  • Lifetime replacement warranty
  • Fits all popular grill brands including Weber, Char Broil and Brinkmann.


  • Waterproof
  • UV resistant
  • Rip resistant
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee
  • Fits all popular grill brands


  • It is a bit short in height

Grillman Premium grill cover fits all popular brands including Weber, Char-Broil and Brinkmann and so on. There’ is a catch though. The cover is a bit short in height and doesn’t cover the legs or the wheels of the grills. However, as far as the other part of the grill is concerned, this cover provides the best protection one can expect a grill cover.

It is made with heavy-duty PVC-lined Oxford material which, in turn, is considered the most efficient material to resist water intrusion. It is strengthened at the seams to make it rip-resistant and treated with chemicals to slow down the fading which UV rays make inevitable in the long run.

There is ample protection against the wind too. A lot of covers have no or weak fastening mechanism and blow away in heavy wind. This surely is not one of them. It has loop straps to lock it securely into place and a hook at the top to make it convenient to use.

The most prominent thing about it is its life-time replacement guarantee which shows how much trust the company has put in its product. You can buy this one without having to worry, as you can always replace it in case it failed in the middle.

  • Fit for Weber, Brinkmann,Char-Broil, Holland and Jenn Air-Grey
  • Heavy-duty material for all-weather resistance
  • Extralarge width of 71 inches


  • Air vents
  • Compatible with numerous brands
  • High value
  • Hem chord to adjust to different sizes


  • Doesn’t cover the wheels/legs

For those who need an extra-large cover for their grill, there is no better option than this. It is compatible with all popular brands and has made quite a name for itself for its strength and durability.

The brands it supports include Weber,Brinkmann,Char Broil,Holland and Jenn Air-Grey, and yet I will advise you to take accurate measurements of your grill before buying this one. Keep in mind that despite being 71 inches wide, it can sufficiently be tightened using a hem cord and toggle mechanism. The fitting, thus made, is always secure, so you don’t have to worry about windy days.

A remarkable thing that I have found in this grill cover is the specially structured air vents that allow entrapped air to release. Consequently, there are fewer chances of mildew growing in the grill.

It is made with high-quality polyester that has a water-resistant undercoating and a water repellent coating at the top to keep the grill insulated. Moreover, the cover is thick enough to be called rip-resistant.

  • Dimensions: 60″(W) by 23″(D) by 42″(H)
  • Fit for Weber,Char Broil, Holland, Jenn Air, Brinkmann
  • Heavy-duty oxford polyester canvas fabric with water-resistant PVC coating and water repellent finish
  • Concealed Air Vent Design
  • Adjustable Velcro side straps
  • One year warranty and 60 Day money-back guarantee


  • Available in different colors
  • Brand compatibility
  • Heavy-duty material
  • Warranty


  • Rain may penetrate mesh vents

While color might seem unimportant, the areas where sand storms and dust are common occurrences, it can serve a purpose. The khaki color is one of the two colors in which this grill cover is available. It can better conceal stains and debris on the cover.

It is a fairly sturdy cover well-constructed with a heavy-duty polyester that’s UV protected and water-resistant on the outside. To make it water-proof on the inside, there is a special lining of PVC. It can protect the grill in all types of weather.

The fabric, 600 D canvas, is sufficiently thick to be called rip-resistant. Whereas, its seams are all doubly sewn to reinforce the fabric at its weakest link. It also incorporates Velcro straps at the ends that keep it snug and secure. There is a mesh window at the front to facilitate ventilation which, in turn, minimizes the chance of moisture getting entrapped in the cover.

The company is backing its product with a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee for 60 days and a 1-year warranty, thus allowing you the liberty to make a care-free decision.

What to look for in a Grill Cover?

There are grill covers of every shape and size, but none of them is specifically made for your needs. Therefore, you would have to pay keen attention to the aspects listed below. We assure you that by perusing the following details, you will be able to make an informed and right decision all by yourself. 

Material quality

For how long will a cover protect a grill, if it itself is made up of substandard material? Presumably, not much. So, the very first thing to look for in a grill cover is the quality of its material.

 There are three types of cover materials in the market, of which, polyester covers are disproportionately larger in number than others. The other two, canvas and Vinyl, are cost-effective alternatives.

 The polyester covers are lightweight, can easily dry up and usually treated with a chemical to bear harsh weather and climate conditions.

Though very cheap, vinyl covers wear faster than others. Whereas, the canvas is a strong, heavy material that can be altered to make it fire and water-resistant.

The Three Resistances

The grill cover must be tear-resistant, water-resistant and UAV resistant. While a cover should protect the grill from all harmful elements, the protection against water is its fundamental job, for, nothing is as harmful as the rusting of the grill.

To make sure that the grill is tear-resistant, you must look for the thickness of the material and the way seams are stitched. Thick material with double stitched seams should be the top priority. The thickness is measured in Dernier, donated as D. A rule of thumb is to select a material with a number greater than 500 before D.

The grill cover should not only be resistant to water, but it should also be waterproof. Unless you live in a dry climate, rain and snow will always be an issue. And for a reminder, water cuts the life of the grill to the minimum. Thus, the cover should not merely provide resistance against it. It should be so designed as to make it water-proof on the inside.

The UV protection is not so important unless you really want the cover to not shed its color. Grills take up considerable space in your back yard, and it is always unpleasant to look at the blotchy looking cover. To resist fading, some covers are chemically treated to save them from sunlight. You should consider that a priority too.

Size and fastening

There is no need saying how critical the sizing of the grill cover is. A loose cover, even with the fastening, will blow away with the wind, thus defeating the entire purpose. Conversely, an extra tight cover will take a strenuous effort to put on it on the grill and take it off.

The rule of thumb is to get an accurate measurement of all the dimensions of your grill and then buy the cover that exactly matches the dimensions.

Another important consideration is the handle and fastening. The handle at the top helps to ease the process of covering and uncovering the grill. For fastening, there should be a security band or Velcro straps to properly fit the cover in place. Without extra security, there is no guarantee that the cover will keep its place in harsh weather conditions.


A lifetime warranty for an item indicates the confidence of the company on their products. Good companies always back their product with limited time, or maybe a lifetime, warranty. And, the same is true for grill covers.

The grill cover is highly susceptible to extreme weather conditions as they lie in open space. A low-quality cover will wear more rapidly than you think, and therefore, it is always safe to have a warranty for the product.

All reputable grill cover companies offer a warranty. So, you must reject those that don’t offer it. 


Although the color of the cover has nothing to do with its function, it should be pleasing to eyes. Preferably, it should suit the climate: people faced with frequent deserts storms must go for a color that can elegantly camouflage in the surroundings. Aesthetic matters. A faded and filthy cover makes an ugly sight.

The cover should allow for ventilation so the moisture entrapped in it could escape. Furthermore, the vents must be positioned in a manner that does not allow for the rainwater to get in. 

The storage bag for the covers is not a necessity, but they are highly convenient. Whenever the grill is in usage, the bag takes good care of the cover and other accessories.


It doesn’t take hundreds of dollars to buy a grill cover. Even the most expensive of them are well under a hundred dollars. But buying one is a necessity, otherwise, your heavy investment on a grill will go down in the drain.
Nowadays, Gas grill covers come with a warranty or a limited time guarantee. So, no matter how reckless a decision you made while purchasing a cover online, you will have extra protection to salvage you.

The grill covers enlisted above are the best I could find. Do prioritize your needs while buying anyone of them. And if you are confused, the buying guide is there to steer you clear of wrong choices.