Electric tools have gone through a transformation in the past decades. Thank you, technology! It’s no wonder people are considering electric chainsaws for their tree- felling needs. Electric saws boast clean energy, high battery life, have very little to no noise, and require low maintenance. That is why many house owners prefer these tools over their gas-powered counterparts. Due to their popularity, the market is teeming with electric saws. Every week new models are being introduced with superior functionality and safety mechanisms across the board – thanks to ever-evolving technological advancements.

Consequently, finding one that is most suitable for your specific needs can be quite an overwhelming experience. To help you find the best electric chainsaw, I spent days going through all the features, pros, cons, and user reviews. My days of hard work have paid off in the form of this buyer’s guide you are reading right now. It compares leading industry brands like DeWalt, WORX, Greenworks, and Remington to unearth some of the best electric chainsaws for the money. Besides, it also includes the best cordless electric chainsaws you can find in the market today.

In this buyer’s guide, I elucidate key consumer concerns like safety features, cost, bar length, engine power, ease of use, control, maneuverability, and overall user experience. Besides, you will also find what job – big or small – each product is most suitable for.

Best Price/Value

WORX WG304.1 Chain Saw

When an 18 inch bar is coupled with an ergnomic design, and a heavy duty engine and then priced at nearly half of its heavy duty gas counterparts – you get WORX WG304.1

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Best Price

Sun Joe SWJ599E

For people with a limited budget and casual cleanup needs, this is the best option available in market today. It costs a penny and does the job of cleaning up the backyard flawlessly

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Best Quality

Makita XCU03PT1

With low maintenance requirements, instant fire ups, variable chain speeds and tool less chain adjustments, Makita takes the cake in almost every aspect.

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Product Reviews

  • Dimensions: 29 x 9 x 7 inches
  • Bar length: 14 inches
  • Weight: 8 lbs
  • Motor: 10.5 Amp


  • Convenient knob to quickly tighten the chain
  • Tool-less chain adjustment
  • No leaks and no chain slips
  • Doesn’t make any noise


  • Somewhat difficult to see into the oil reservoir due to its plastic casing
  • Chain comes off quite often

Greenworks offers plenty of corded and cordless electric chainsaw solutions for everyday use. This particular model is well-built, lightweight, and easy to use. Due to compact size, it is easy to maneuver and wield in tight spots. Even elderly people can wield it with ease. It starts off within seconds. While this is certainly not a professional grade saw, you can effortlessly cut small and decent size (up to 18 inches diameter based on reviews) wood with it. Moreover, It has an auto oiler feature that keeps the machine well oiled to use for a long time. Its wrap-around handle provides ease of use during work. For people like me who are fond of clearing the debris during the job, this feature can be a big attraction.

On the whole, priced at less than 50 bucks, this little beast is one of the best electric chainsaw for the money – and a real game-changer.

  • Dimensions: 20.6 x 14.6 x 8.1 inches
  • Bar Length: 6 inches
  • Weight: 7.9 lbs
  • Charging Time: 3 hours (approx.)


  • Very easy to use. For people who are not comfortable with chainsaws, a jaw saw is quite a reprieve.
  • Cordless. No tripping over wires.
  • Very portable due to compact size and less weight
  • Five feet pole accessory makes it hard to reach branches easy to cut


  • Takes a while to cut a piece
  • While using with extension pole, it requires considerable effort on the user’s part.

Electric jaw saws are a modern innovation. It is a fully enclosed chainsaw featuring a patented system that provides auto lubrication and chain tightening. When it’s not in use, the blade retracts back into the case, making it the safest saw to work with. Through its help, you can cut directly into the ground. Even with the battery attached, it weighs just 7.9 lbs making it highly maneuverable and ideal for overhead tasks. Oh, and no more back pains and sore muscles!

Furthermore, its scissor-cut and smooth action limit the dangerous kickback from occurring. Once fully charged, the battery works for a good four hours straight.

The only limitation of Jaw saws is that they can cut through only small branches. In this case, its maximum cutting capacity is 4 inches wood. However, the WORX trimmer is still a great tool to have in your store for any quick after storm or a traditional yard cleanup spree.

  • Dimensions: N/A
  • Weight: 13lbs
  • Bar length: 16 inches
  • Motor: 15 amp


  • Comes equipped with a tool-less chain tensioning mechanism
  • Has auto oiling feature (Great element for lazy people like me)
  • Inexpensive


  • Not really a well-known brand

This item may not be the most recognizable on this list. Still, buyers have been pleasantly surprised by its performance and quality. Firing it up is straightforward. First, activate the safety lockout button. Then press the throttle trigger, and it starts off right away. Get working asap! Its 15 amp engine is capable of handling small to medium-size trees with quite an ease. It’s also super silent, so you don’t have to worry about occasional neighbor complaints. For safety, it uses a range of features like front and backhand cards, safe start systems, and metal bumper spikes to present extra -stability during the work.

At 13 lbs, it does feel rather heavy. However, if you have been handling power tools in the past, this should be a piece of cake. I would recommend against using it for overhead tasks, though.

Overall, this medium-duty electric chainsaw is capable of handling occasional day to day tasks without breaking your bank. But it is not intended for professional use.

  • Dimensions: 20.6 x 14.6 x 8.1 in
  • Weight: 11.3 lbs
  • Bar length: 18 inches
  • Motor: 15 amp


  • Easy to operate and keep due to auto oil and auto tensioning mechanisms
  • Great safety features
  • Takes almost 1.5 seconds to stop the chain once the trigger is released
  • Amazing value for money


  • During heavy-duty tasks, it goes through bar and chain oil fairly soon.
  • The brake lever is a little close to the hand, which can irritate users while working.

This is the second WORX product on my list. First was a jaw saw, while this is a complete package – heavy-duty machine for everyday professional use. I prefer it over other products because of the ease of use it provides. You absolutely don’t need to be a lumberjack to operate this saw. Its auto oiling and auto tensioning mechanisms keep the machine in optimum conditions during the operation. An 18-inch bar, when coupled with a 15 amp engine, cuts through medium size wood like a hot knife cuts through butter. Alright… I have exaggerated it a bit, but you get the point. It can cut through most (dead or alive) wood with ease. Like the other WORX machine on this list, WG304.1 uses a built-in safety chain brake that provides extra security in case of a kickback. Likewise, its ergonomic full-wrap front handle provides operator control while the rear handle is covered with rubber for maximum comfort. Costing nearly half of the well-known gasoline-powered big boys, this is one of the best electric chainsaws for the money.

  • Dimensions: 32.3 x 9.05 x 7.87 in
  • Bar Length: 14 inches
  • Weight: 7.7 lbs
  • Motor: 9 amp.


  • Inexpensive, light and handy
  • Safety switch to protect against accidental start
  • Auto oiler mechanism to keep the parts well oiled


  • No chain brake safety option
  • Chain slips often
  • Beware of the kickback

Don’t lug a jug when you can go with Joe! Maintaining your yard with Sun Joe’s chainsaw is convenient due to its compact size, small weight, and easy assembly. It’s moderately powered motor can slice through branches as thick as 10 inches with ease. Due to high maneuverability, it is suitable for quick weekend trimming and pruning sessions. If I could add only one feature in it, I would definitely have gone with the chain brake safety feature. While it has a safety switch against accidental start, unfortunately, there is no chain brake safety. So expect minor kickback while working. Considering its low price, this compromise does make sense, though.

Mind you! This is not a professional chainsaw. It is just meant for occasional use. It has limited features, and the design isn’t as inspiring either. However, for people with a limited budget and casual cleanup needs, Sun Joe’s trim master can be quite a relief.

  • Dimensions: 31 x 9 x 8.5 in
  • Bar Length: 16 inches
  • Weight: 10.36 lbs
  • Voltage: 40v


  • Exceptional performance. It can easily handle large trunk trees without any hassle.
  • Very quiet hence you don’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbors
  • Gets recharged very quickly (Its quick recharge time is 1 hour)
  • Tool-less chain adjustment
  • Quick start with the push of a button


  • It leaks bar oil
  • Chainsaw gets clogged. Therefore you have to unscrew the side and clean it up. It may be inconvenient for occasional users.

If you are a professional and want a cordless electric chainsaw that is closest to gas engine saws in efficiency, power, and performance, then Greenworks built this tool for you. It’s brushless motor (powered by a 4.0 Ah battery) provides longer runtime, exceptional torque, and higher power. For a heavy-duty chainsaw, it is not that heavy either. And the battery lasts longer than any other comparable product. Your back will run down before its battery. That’s for sure. Moreover, it also has an electronic chain brake that secures the user against any sudden kickback.

Whether it’s your first time or you are a chainsaw veteran, this tool will keep you satisfied. Just make sure the oil tank is empty; otherwise, it will leak oil everywhere. Apart from that minor nuisance, Greenworks 16 cordless chainsaw is definitely one of the best cordless electric chainsaws.

  • Dimensions: 34 x 11 x 10 in
  • Bar length: 16 inches
  • weight 15 lbs
  • Battery Rating: 15 amp
  • Voltage: 120v


  • Inexpensive Powerful engine can cut through medium-size wood with ease Easy to assemble and use Tool-less chain tightening
  • Easy to use
  • Tool-less chain tightening
  • Inexpensive


  • Hard to assemble for new chainsaw users
  • You may need a manual to understand its instruction manual
  • A bit loud for electric chainsaws

Get working ASAP with Oregon’s CS1400. Its instant start capability saves time as well as effort. Its powerful engine can cut through logs as thick as 14 inches without any extra effort. On top of that, it doesn’t heat up at all. It is easy to assemble, makes some noise, and features an auto oiling mechanism. Its chain can be tightened without needing any additional tools. Before starting this machine, make sure the safety shut off is pulled back. Otherwise, it won’t start. Furthermore, it has an auto-brake feature for extra safety. But the chain comes off if you use this feature in the middle of a cut. Though a little bulky in design, it has an average weight – not very light or heavy.

  • Dimensions: 26.94 x 9.03 x 10.88 in
  • Bar length: 12 inches
  • Weight: 14.11 lbs
  • Battery: 20v


  • Auto oiling mechanism to keep the machine in working condition
  • Easy to use and well balanced
  • Simple trigger button to fire it up
  • A strong engine (I still cannot believe its battery-powered considering the work it can do)


  • Drains battery quickly
  • The actual saw part is quite small and looks awkward

Hack through a ton of overgrowth in your backyard with this medium duty cordless saw. Its compact design is helpful, especially while maneuvering in closed spaces. No pulling ropes or mixing fuel. Operate it with a simple trigger button using your index finger. It also has a bubble level for precise cuts. With an interchangeable battery, an auto oiling feature, and an active chain break, this tool can easily give any gas counterpart a run for its money.

Of course, you don’t want to head to a forest and play lumberjack all day long with this toy. But it is ideal for carpenter work, pruning small trees, branches, bushes, and other overgrowths. It can effortlessly take care of trunks as thick as 10 inches without breaking the chain off. This is one item that will redeem your confidence if you had lost faith in battery-powered saws earlier.

  • Dimensions: 26 x 14 x 14 inches
  • Bar length: 14 inches
  • weight 10.3 lbs
  • Battery: 40v


  • Variable speed trigger for speed control
  • Onboard tool storage
  • Side access chain
  • Lightweight and easy to use


  • The battery is small. You have to buy a full-size battery if you want to work for a more extended period.
  • Quite expensive

This cordless chainsaw is slightly larger bar length than the chainsaw model we previously discussed – but not as powerful. Powered by a 40-volt lithium-ion battery and a brushless motor, it delivers high torque and lightning-fast cutting speed. Something you would otherwise expect from a gas-powered saw. Its battery recharges in one hour and drains equally faster. If you are a professional and want to use it frequently, you will have to buy a larger battery. I looked up the price of a bigger battery, and I wasn’t surprised – it is equally expensive.

Some other features of Ryobi’s RY40511 include onboard tool storage for quick adjustments, side-access chain for easy tensioning, and a trigger to help users set the chain speed and greater control. With that said, this tool is for medium duty occasional home use. Perfect versatile and handy saw for garden and lawn needs. Don’t force it to cut massive woods; otherwise, you will be disappointed.

  • Dimensions: 10.63 x 22.24 x 10.59 in
  • Bar length: 14 inches
  • Weight: 21.83 lbs
  • voltage: 36v


  • Instant fire up – needs no pull rope.
  • Variable speed for customizable user control
  • Front handguard for a chain brake
  • Tool-less chain adjustments
  • Very easy to maintain


  • It eats up batteries like a kid finishes up on chocolate
  • The LED on/off switch is a bit of a hassle to use

The last product is Makita’s Chain saw kit that comes with 4 batteries. It is the most expensive item on my list. It literally costs a fortune. However, the reason why I included it on my list is that I absolutely love its auto power shut off feature. When the saw is left unattended for some time, it automatically shuts down the device saving precious battery life in the process. With low noise, less maintenance, and zero emissions, this chainsaw is quite a welcome solution for diverse cutting applications.

If you have owned a high-end chainsaw before, then you know how cumbersome few saws can become because of high maintenance requirements. This device utilizes no engine oil, so there’s no need to change it after some time; it needs no spark plug replacement, and there is no muffler or air filter to clean. Thus, it is straightforward to maintain. Overall a quality product for felling medium to slightly bigger sized wood.

The kit includes a cordless chainsaw, 4 fast-charging 18v batteries, and a dual-port optimum charger

With that said, my list of best electric chainsaws ends here. Nevertheless, this is by no means a comprehensive list. There are tons of quality products available in the market. I chose ten based on my own preferences, user reviews, and pros & cons. Now let’s get to the buyer’s guide for selecting the best electric chainsaw this year.

Tips for using electric chainsaws

  1. let the tool do its job. Don’t force. If it stops, no kicking around will make it work. Write it down in your notebook!
  2. Always wear hands and eye protection
  3. Remember that maintenance is the key to a working chainsaw. Oil it well. If the saw gets blunt, don’t try to force it for a cut; otherwise, the chain will come off.
  4. Don’t fill the fuel tank to its maximum capacity; otherwise, it will keep leaking while you work. Only use enough oil for the work at hand. Remove any oil from saw before storing it away.
  5. Allow the saw to cool down before storing it.
  6. Similarly
  7. Before storage, wipe clean the sprocket area and make sure no wood debris is left attached to its surface.
  8. Always use a funnel for filling it up with oil
  9. While using the chainsaw, keep a close eye on the oil levels – especially during longer wood chopping sessions.
  10. Use high-quality bar oil for optimum performance.

Cord or Cordless debate: Which one’s better?

Each has its own benefits and limitations. For example, Cordless electric chainsaws are preferred due to ease of use. You can carry them around without any fear of tumbling over a trailing cord. But they are much more substantial in size so not everyone can carry them. Secondly, if you want to take your saw for a camping trip, you won’t have a power outlet there so you will need a cordless solution. So the answer to the question posed in the title is straightforward: Choose one according to your needs.

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An electric saw has two parts: a saw blade built into a chain wrapped around a bar of fixed length and an electric power motor. The motor runs either with a battery or a cord connected to an external source. The chain fits around sprockets. Like gas chainsaws, their electrical counterparts utilize cutting chains. Therefore occasional sharpening is necessary.


While electric saws don’t need oil to run, they nonetheless need it to lubricate the chain during cuts. Lubricating the saw helps in efficient and smooth operation. It also prolongs the chain life by avoiding any wear and tear.

Handle type

Electric saws like the gas-powered ones come in various handle types. The wrap around handles allows more flexibility; hence, you can reach those awkward areas with ease. In the same way, small handles provide a firm grip. In the end, handle types come down to personal preference.