A concrete saw is a very incredible and powerful tool because no one in the construction industry can think of working without it. Not only they are hard and resilient, but at the same time, they also facilitate a strong-performance and are adaptable. You can choose the best concrete saw if you know everything about what you are going to look for. That is the reason why I created this upcoming list of best concrete saws. It will be beneficial in not only finding the right equipment, but the later buying guide will also help you to find the best advancing tool.

Best Price/Value

SKIL 3540-02 Concrete Saw

Smaller, lighter and rust resistant, it is a wet tile saw that uses diamond coated blades for cutting and offers the best value for the money.

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Best Price

Makita 4114X Concrete Saw

Though it is rather heavy, Makita has built a model that offers multiple distinguishable features like vacuum dust cleaner, built in AC/DC switch and a removable tool base – all at a meager price.

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Best Quality

SKILSAW Worm Drive Concrete Saw

Shorter and broader, SKILSAW’s this model cuts in narrow places easier which means it can cut deeper for the same energy provided. This is my choice for the best quality product.

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Product Reviews

  • Item Weight: 24 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 24 x 12 x 12 inches
  • Product dimensions: 24 x 12 x 12 inches
  • Style: wet
  • Power Source: gas-powered
  • Included Components: bare-tool


  • It comes with active air filtration
  • It has lesser vibrations
  • Reliable starting system gives easiness
  • Does better performance with advanced cylinder
  • It has immense power to work


  • User can experience difficulty with initial starts
  • A little expensive when compared with others on the list (but it’s worth this price)

It would not be wrong to consider Husqvarna K760 II as the first best option. Its features of running smoothly, delicate working with very less amount of vibrations, and immense cutting power make it an ideal option for everyone willing to use it routinely. The best choice for those too who suffer some discomfort with their hands or wrists.

The engine is a two-stroke, air-cooled modified version that indirectly adds to the overall performance of this tool. Its blades are enriched with a maximum depth of six inches, facilitating the saw with overwhelming flexibility and reach.

The saw requires a range of blade types that can configure the device according to your preference. Overall, Husqvarna K760 II is a fantastic choice for a well-rounded, best concrete saw.

  • Item Weight: 21 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 7.5 x 8.7 x 5.9 inches
  • Product dimensions: 7.5 x 8.7 x 5.9 inches
  • Included Components: 12BLADEDM
  • Power Source: AC


  • Comes with an electric motor
  • Reasonable cost and light-weighted
  • Has low maintenance
  • Easy to use
  • Soft grip on the handle


  • Has a corded electric tool
  • Has limited portability

If you have a low budget, Evolution DISCCUT1 will be best for you. It comes with good quality and is a more affordable product.

This system included in it is electrical, offering a variety of advantages over other tools powered by gas. A significant benefit it provides is that you can keep it without using gas, which, with time, considerably reduces the operating cost of this model. Furthermore, it doesn’t require as much effort as other concrete cutting saws, primarily because an electric motor contains fewer moving parts, and has little chances of breaking down.

This tool is built with an incredible, foot-long diamond saw, which in turn makes it much easier to be used. Although the maximum depth of four inches leaves something to be desired, the benefits make it a manageable and acceptable approach. Often in there is a fully adjustable safety guard, which increases its positive effects.

  • Item Weight: 16.9 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 19.5 x 7.8 x 7.5 inches
  • Power Source: corded-electric
  • Included Components: vacuum hose adapter with clamp, water feed assembly and multi-function wrench


  • It is electric
  • It is the best option for both wet and dry cutting
  • It is budget-friendly
  • Easy to maintain and run
  • Comes with a multipurpose wrench


  • It has a small blade
  • Doesn’t have an effective dust collection system

SKILSAW can be a reliable choice for people looking for a great offer. It features a long list of advantages with a naturally aspirated engine that functions efficiently without the slightest imperfection. A distinctive feature of this tool is that it is shorter and broader than a rotating direct-drive saw. This allows cuts in narrow spaces easier, which means that with the same level of energy consumed, it slices a little deeper. It’s every design is mechanical, so it’s low maintenance. However, if you wish to use this saw, you will require a power outlet.
In addition to an efficient 15-amp engine, it provides a worm drive gear model that makes it easy to score and slice cement, tiles, bricks, and other thick substances with full precision and efficiency. Although it is only equipped with 7-inches blades, the fact about it is that it doesn’t deliver as deeper cuts as other versions do. So, despite the size of the engine, the performances are higher than those provided by more expensive models.

  • Item Weight: 16.8 pounds
  • Power Source: corded-electric
  • Included Components: Bare-Tool


  • It is electric
  • It is the best option in powerful tools
  • Effectiveness is the same as the previous version
  • Easy to maintain and run
  • Enhances productivity


  • Doesn’t come with a blade
  • No rear wheels

Husqvarna has carried out an update to the much appreciated and loved K3000 brand with the latest K4000 model of saw. This model is introducing a range of useful features that will promote not only maintenance but enhanced performance as well. The effectiveness, although, will remain the same for minimal effort with consumer-friendly portability and with a forward-rotating blade.

The new K4000 model has been equipped with an upgraded engine and also with a stronger installation, offering both more reliable energy and long-lasting effectiveness. The modified carbon pop-up brushes have also been designed to operate for a long time than usual, while the general services have also been greatly enhanced and encouraged by functions such as one-piece examination cover and Torx screws.

  • Item Weight: 5.9 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 8.6 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Style: dry
  • Power Source: corded-electric
  • Included Components: Socket wrench, spanner wrench, 4 inches diamond blade, Turbo


  • It is portable
  • It is more suitable for smaller concrete
  • Offers a trouble-free experience
  • Easy to maintain and run
  • Requires minimal effort


  • Doesn’t facilitate massive cuts
  • No water hookups

The cement saw offered by Makita is very small and perform way more functions that others of the same list. It provides43/8 inches simplistic sawed depth, which means it is more suitable for low materials rather than something massive. Also, its weight is only 5.9 pounds, which is, however, very small, but it is much more efficient than wide wet saws.

Concrete saws that fall in this range carry a long list of instrumental functions whey they offer for a consistent and trouble-free experience among a broad range of high-class material. The 9.6-amp motor is strong enough for the compact 4-inch blade length. It easily cuts into the material with minimal effort.

Even though this saw works well and is powerful, but often can’t make a massive cut required by a cement saw, the only thing that doesn’t add to its features is that it is not a wet saw, and there are no water hookups.

  • Item Weight: 20.2 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 24.6 x 8.1 x 13.4 inches
  • Power Source: battery-powered
  • Included Components: Diamond cutting wheel, DCS690 cut-off saw


  • It is portable
  • It is cordless
  • It is cordless
  • It is easy to use
  • The best choice for beginners
  • A competent tool


  • Blades are hard to replace
  • It is expensive

If you are thinking of avoiding complications as a beginner, then DEWALT concrete saw can be the best choice for you. It is a name that requires no explanation. The history of this concrete saw is enriched with a long tradition of exceptional flexibility, outstanding quality as well as durability.

It is a competent tool and works well through a variety of materials efficiently. Its blades are sharp and can cut in both straight and slanted lines.

Buying this saw will worth it as it comes with a special blade made by DEWALT itself. But the same also works in contrast, as this blade is not available in local stores. In short, when this blade needs replacement, you will be facing difficulty in finding such individual blades.

  • Item Weight: 23.6 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 16.8 x 32.4 x 10.9 inches
  • Power Source: corded electric
  • Included Components: bare tool, attachments


  • Comes with a built-in vacuum to clear dust while cutting
  • Comes with AC/DC switch for alternative power resources
  • Comes at reasonable price
  • The best choice in both quality + price


  • Base plates may lack durability
  • Not as sturdy as other models

This concrete saw belongs to a company that is renowned for its efficient product delivery since 1915. This concrete saw is best for upholding Makita’s long reputation by satisfying its customers on all levels.

With a 15-amp motor, which is undoubtedly able to bring out an impressive 3,500 RPM, this concrete saw is the best option as it can cut through any type of material.
One main feature that distinguishes it from others is the AC/DC switch for alternative power sources. While the tool base can also be removed for further accuracy and greater control, it also comes with a built-in vacuum that clears dust while cutting and the fact that you can get it at a reasonable price; this concrete saw is a great option.

With 5 inches cutting depth, this tool ranks on top as no other saw offers such benefits and qualities as this one does.

  • Item Weight: 5.7pounds
  • Product dimensions: 12 x 6 x 4 inches
  • Style: Wet
  • Power Source: gas-powered
  • Included Components: attachments


  • Comes with a built-in air filtration system to clear dust while cutting
  • Comes with blades
  • Comes with a fuel indicator which shows fuel level to avoid unnecessary downtime
  • Also capable of cutting rebar in concrete


  • Requires gas tank to be emptied to avoid complications
  • The device is heavy to be used

You might have started shifting your preferences from gas saws to electric ones after reading so many distinct reviews.

However, this tool is free of any demerits associated with the gas type. Its features include reduced vibrations while cutting and an effective air filtration system.

It is good enough for anyone who prefers a tool that can cut through anything brought to it. It not only includes a large five horsepower motor but also reduces fuel consumption by 20%.
The active air filtration added in this model is enough to make it best concrete saw as the dust-sealed starter makes it long living by filtering out all the dust created during cutting.
However, one crucial thing to keep in mind while using this tool is that it will require just the right level of fuel before starting for the first time. Overall, it is considered as the best concrete saw for most people in the market.

  • Item Weight: 24 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 28.7 x 13.1 x 11.2 inches
  • Style: Hitachi CC12Y
  • Power Source: corded electric
  • Included Components: bare tool


  • Efficient cutting performance
  • Sufficient power for tough cutting jobs
  • Replaceable cutting wheel
  • Comes with AC/DC


  • Doesn’t offer angle adjustments
  • The device is heavy to be used

This tool is as unique as the features it facilitates its user with. With an extensive base, which is invisible in most of the other concrete saws, it makes sure balance and stability while making deeper and difficult cuts.

One significant feature that adds to its value is its stability handle, which ensures the precision of every cut it makes. Also, it comes with a quick swap feature, which is to change the blades without the need to disassemble the entire tool.
You can use this tool to make cuts that seem most challenging as it comes with 15-amp motor giving it sufficient power to cut bricks, concrete, pavement, or anything that is brought in front of its sharp blade. The flexibility of AC/DC is one more thing that makes Hitachi CC12Y the best pick.

  • Item Weight: 17.69 pounds


  • It is smaller in size
  • It is lighter in weight
  • The best pick for home use
  • Ideal for small tiling projects


  • Its water reservoir requires refilling very frequently
  • Low RPM

This concrete saw differs from all others in the list as it is a wet tile saw. It uses diamond coated blades for cutting with the saw being corded and electric.

The corrosive and rust-resistant stainless steel, the main feature of this tool, can support tiles up to 12 x 12 inches. Thus, it is one of the most appealing tools in the marketplace. Moreover, its powerful motor allows you to cut through stone, bricks, and other materials easily.

Since most of the tile saws use water in their operation, they are left with rust and cracks only after a month of use. The water can easily harm the steel table if it is not corrosive. SKIL wet tile saw is enriched with a durable, stainless steel table that is not only corrosive but also rust-resistant.

Buyer’s Guide

Important things to consider before choosing the best concrete SAW

The criteria for selecting the best concrete saw are related to the performance, convenience, portability, and affordability of the tool you are going to pick. It also depends on how carefully you use or maintain a concrete saw.

1.    Performance

The first important thing to consider is the capability of the saw to do its job. You should note either it includes a chain or disc as the more fashionable and preferred disc will serve its role more accurate and more elegant. But the fact that disc has limited depth adds to the importance of concrete chain saws, which although offer unlimited depth but are harder to use.

So, besides being capable, concrete saws also need to be handy as you are more likely to finish a project with a saw that requires less effort than the one which is not easy to use. Look for soft rubberized grip, compact and light-weighted design, dust collection, low noise, and minimal vibration while purchasing a tool.

2.    Type

The question of gas or electric concrete saws also needs attention. What should be kept in mind is that both are useful in separate environments. If you are going to use your saw around the house, construction site, or in any workshop, then you should go for corded concrete saw.

However, a battery-powered option will be best for you in case you are planning to work on projects far away from your house. In this regard, gas-powered saws are highly beneficial, sturdy as well as ideal for heavy-duty. The only disturbing thing in gas saws is the mixing of gases or oils, which can be a little tricky.

3.    Budget

Now, if you want the best performance, you should first consult your budget. You might want to purchase a low-cost saw depending on the amount you have, but it doesn’t mean you’ll be saved from facing challenges afterward. The general thumb of rule is to know that a lifetime of flawless and trouble-free powerful performance is directly proportional to the money you are investing.

Some tips for taking care of your saw will include paying great attention to the tool on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to avoid future disappointments. You need to look after drive gear, fuel system, spark plug, and other essential parts as well as note down if you find any disturbance in them.

4.    Usage

Also, it cannot be denied that whatever concrete saw you are using. After all, they are dangerous and need proper attention during usage. Never forget to wear the right safety gear before and while using your tool. This apparatus includes appropriate clothing, a hard hat, heavy-duty gloves, a breathing mask, and above all, googles.

5.    Quality

When buying a concrete saw, check for the blade’s condition as it will further decide if you should purchase it or not. Don’t forget to keep in mind the type of blade and the type of concrete you will be cutting through it, either it is asphalt, bars, or rocks. Horsepower is also a thing when concerning blade as more significant horsepower will, in turn, increase the efficiency of the blade and saw.

6.    Weight

No doubt, weight matters too. You can not expect a quick work done from concrete saw that is massive in weight unless you should have enough strength to work with heavy weighted tools. Of course, that is not the case always.

Search for concrete saws that you think you are to handle not only just once but also daily if you are going to use them in your projects. Sometimes, it may happen that using a heavyweight tool leaves you fatigued and tired and unable to continue to work. That is the reason you should not ignore this point and carefully select your device.

7.    Affordability

Another point to note down is the affordability of the equipment. The time a product becomes available can contrast the time your wallet has money. What you can do is to do some research for some time as well as keep an eye on the market prices and sales.

It is not advisable to purchase a low working product just because it is cheap. Also, it is up to you to decide if you are getting your concrete saw from a local shop or an online store. Amazon, in this case, can be a choice.

8.    Safety

As they play with blades, they are dangerous, too, and it is necessary to have an understanding of risks associated with them; otherwise, consequences can be deadly. Diamond saw blades work finer than other abrasive blades. Still, you need to use plenty of water as it will reduce the dust particles flying in the air.

Don’t purchase a saw that lacks its local exhaust ventilation system as it will save you from getting attacked by dust particles let out while cutting jobs. Lastly, it’s you who will use a tool, so make sure you are wearing your protective equipment when using a concrete saw.


It can lead to headaches as the market is full of concrete saws ranging in different styles and shapes you can choose from. The answer to the question of how much you should spend on your tool lies in the amount of time you are going to use it.

Indeed, if you have plans to use it daily, then you must need to look for a long-life concrete saw with features best matching your schedule. In the above reviews, you can choose from Husqvarna K760 II Concrete Saw, Hitachi CC12Y Concrete Saw, Makita 4114X Concrete Saw, or Evolution DISCCUT1 Concrete Saw if you are planning to use them daily.

However, for occasional usage, DEWALT DCS690X2 Concrete Saw or SKILSAW Worm Drive Concrete Saw would work fine.

I hope my reviews and buyer’s guide will be beneficial for you in considering your best concrete saw.

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