It is perfectly normal for the parents to be anxious about their newborn, and especially if it’s is the firstborn child. In the past, routine appointments to clinics and specialized doctors were the only way to keep yourself updated on the child’s well-being. You don’t have to wait for the next doctor’s appointment just to keep tabs on your children’s basic health parameters—weight and height. A baby scale can do this for you in the comfort of your home.

There are myriads of baby scales available in the market with seemingly mind-boggling features and price tags. And, if you have looked the products yourself, you might have been in a quandary by now.

This article is here to provide the best baby scales available online, and a complete buying guide so you can make an objective decision of your own.

All the products are reviewed in detail and their merits and demerits are accordingly enlisted. However, if you are in a hurry, take a look at our Top 3 Baby Scales

Our Recommendations

Best Price/Value

Health o Meter Grow

This baby scale is perfect for nursing both babies and toddlers. It is reasonably priced and comes with a 10 years limited warranty by the company.

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Best Price

Ozeri All-in-One Baby and Toddler Scale

This model by Ozeri is versatile, accurate and reliable. It comes with a circumference tape to measure head size, and an inbuilt sensor to measure the child’s height.

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Best Quality

Hatch Baby Grow Smart

It is sleek, efficient and modern. It comes with a companion app that record and chart all weighing measurement.

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Product Reviews

  • It is a Pad-cum-scale. So, you can change diapers and measure weight at the same time.
  • Highly accurate: can measure the change in weight up to 0.25 ounce
  • The foam upper body makes it comfortable for infants
  • Track important parameters on a companion smart app
  • Maximum capacity: 44 lbs.


  • Ergonomic Design
  • Compatible with smartphones.
  • Easy to wipe and clean as it has ABS plastic
  • It comes with a safety belt


  • It has no display, you will have to open the app to track reading
  • Expensive

No wonder Grow, by hatch baby, will be the top two-in-one product in your nursery. It is a changing pad that also works perfectly as a baby scale.

Grow has a foam padding to keep infants comfortable; a safety belt to keep them in place while taking important measurements.

It has no display. Rather, it syncs with a companion smartphone app to track the weight of the child. The app comes with a built-in WHO recommendation chart as a baseline. All the measurements are compared to the chart to ensure the healthy growth of the newborn. Besides weight, it can easily record nursing sessions, sleep, and pumping amounts of milk at each feed.

Grow has a weighing capacity of 44lb, and it can measure the change in weight to a quarter of an ounce.

This battery-operated baby scale might cost you an arm and length, but it is worth every penny you spend on it.

  • The removable tray makes it suitable for both babies and toddlers.
  • Its maximum capacity is 44lb and it is sensitive to weight increment of 0.5 ounces
  • Comes with the tare/zero button, so automatically cancel the weight of clothing and diaper
  • The plastic scoop platform ensures comfort and security of the child
  • 5 years limited warranty


  • Cheap
  • Tare/hold function
  • Sturdy
  • Versatile
  • Auto Shutoff Function


  • Hold button sometimes glitches
  • Aesthetically unappealing

The salter baby scale is no different than the other scales I have discussed in the article except for the fact that in sales it outstrips all. It is simply the bestseller baby scale in the market for now. And, a lot of it has to do with its low price and simple mechanism.

The scale was first introduced into the market to help breastfeeding moms in nursing the infant. Later, it improvised to become suitable for toddlers and even pets. The maximum weight capacity is 44lb and it can measure the weight increment of even 0.5 ounces. The scale can also measure in grams.

The tare/zero button is for the convenience of mom as without it they would have to go through a lot of trouble while taking a measurement. It subtracts the weight of clothes and diapers. The hold button, however, becomes very important when the child squirms and wiggles a lot, thus making it difficult for scale to stabilize.

The five years warranty further adds to the credibility of this battery-powered scale. It comes with a 9V battery, and can auto shutoff to save power. If you are looking for an accustomed scale with proven credibility, salter scale is what you should get for your kid.

  • It can measure weight, height and head circumference of both babies and toddlers
  • With the tare feature, it can ignore the weight of clothing, diapers and toys
  • It can keep a record of 8 children at a time and can store up to 15 reading for each of them
  • The weight and height of the wiggling child can be easily measured using the built-in hold button


  • All in one scale
  • Features Hold and Tare button
  • Inexpensive
  • Portable
  • Highly precise and accurate


  • Difficult to operate
  • Hold button isn’t as good as the company tout it to be

This scale covers nearly all basic growth parameters. You can weigh your baby, or babies, at regular intervals with pinpoint accuracy: it can record an increment of 0.1 ounces. The head of the baby is measured using the circumference tape that comes with the product; whereas, the length is measured using inbuilt sensors.

The tare function comes in very handy when you don’t want to strip off the clothes of your baby every time you take a measurement. The weight of dipper and clothing are nullified using the tare button.

The hold button helps to instantly take the weight and height of the baby when it is restless and wiggling around on the scale.

Weighing just 5.5 pounds this scale is easily portable. It operates on 4 AAA batteries that are included in the overall price of the product.

The capacity to store 15 reading for 8 separate infants might not attract normal parents, but for foster homes, midwives, and lactation consultants it can turn out to be truly valuable.

  • With 220lb capacity, it is perfect for babies and adults
  • The measuring tray is printed with a height scale
  • The large LCD backlit display allows for quick measurement of reading even in dark places
  • State-of-the-art sensors to measure weight with pinpoint accuracy
  • It can perform tare and hold function with dedicated touch buttons.


  • Versatile Scale
  • Cost-effective
  • Free batteries
  • Height scale


  • No Auto shutoff

This versatile scale can accurately measure the weight of both the child and the mother with pinpoint accuracy. A curved, removable tray provides extra safety to the child and can be occasionally used to weight the mother. The maximum capacity of the scale is 220lb or 100 kg so the product will long be in used after the infant has outgrown it.

Apart from weight, the height of the newborn is also an important health parameter. Therefore, this model has incorporated a printed height scale into it. You can measure the height in two scales, just like the weight.

All the necessary functions like Tare and hold are included in it. You don’t have to worry about your child wiggling on the scale tray while recording measurement, neither should you care about their clothing.

It comes with pre-installed batteries that are susceptible to drainage, given you forget turning the scale off. The sleek design offers ease in cleaning and saves considerable space.

If you are on a budget, and looking for a multipurpose scale—for your infant, pets and yourself—this scale will be your best return on investment.

  • The best two-in-one scale with a capacity up to 60lbs
  • The company offers 10 years limited warranty
  • It comes with a health grow baby book for tracking the weight and height of the infant as it grows
  • The extra-large LCD display makes it easier to read the measurement
  • The infant tray is curved and has a security lock for added stability during use


  • Multipurpose scale
  • Inexpensive
  • Durable
  • Has hold and tare button
  • Large display


  • Batteries not included with the product
  • Some users reported malfunctioning scale

In terms of design, this may not be the most tempting baby scale in the market. But, we buy baby scales for their efficacy and not the design. Health o meter grow doesn’t disappoint you in accuracy and precision. It is the cheapest but most efficient baby scale in the market.

With 60lb weighing capacity it can accommodate infants, toddlers, and teenagers alike. The scale has simple mechanics: four lofty buttons, a large display, and a removable curved tray. The tare button exempts the weight of clothing, and the hold button takes the average weight of a restless baby. It can switch between two units of measurement, pounds to kilograms and vice versa, with a single press.

The only downside is the absence of 9V batteries which you would have to buy separately.

The 10 years limited warranty indicates the confidence of the company in the product. Nearly a thousand customers have reported it to be a value addition in their lives. Surely, you will also not be disappointed.

  • It has a curved design to ensure child security
  • Has zero or tare function
  • The maximum weight capacity is 44 lbs. and it can also measure in kg
  • 4 AA batteries are included in the product
  • Comes with hygiene clothing, and measuring tape
  • Strain gauge sensors make it highly accurate


  • Auto shutoff
  • Tare function
  • Considerably Accurate
  • Easy to clean
  • Dirt cheap


  • Only two buttons make working complex

Homeimage digital scale is a simply built scale for infants that can also be used for pets. The maximum weighing capacity of 44lb is a baseline for all baby scale, so that is not a shocker. However, the scale is pretty accurate. Thanks to its high precision strain gauge sensors it can read up to 10 g increment in weight.

The scale must have had foam padding for the infant’s comfort, but the company instead compensated it with hygiene clothing. The music button should rather not be used as it often rattle the baby instead of soothing it.

The free mearing tape comes very handy when you want to measure the height of the kid. In that way, you can keep tabs on the growth of your child by matching it with an average growth chart.

The one-button-do-all-the-functions mechanism is not very helpful and it has been a major downside of this product so far. Nonetheless, it can perform the tare function and can change the scale.

The scale is battery operated and thus safe the trouble of fumbling with the wires. Luckily, 4 AA batteries come with the scale.

This might not be as accurate as your regular pediatrician scale but is high returning investment, if you are a worried breastfeeding mom and are overzealous about your child’s growth.

  • It can weigh up to 44lb and in two different scales
  • Has hold and tare function for accurate and quick measurement
  • A decent LCD size with blue backlight aids in recording measurement in day and night
  • Its minimum weight makes it highly portable
  • The ergonomic design saves storage space
  • A two years warranty from the company


  • Super Cheap
  • Sleek design
  • Easy to clean
  • Auto-off function
  • Tare and hold Function


  • No added protection for babies

The comfort baby scale is exclusively made for infants. It has a simple design and a baseline weighing capacity of 44lb. Its considerably low weight and ergonomic design make it portable and space-saving respectively.

It is powered by batteries with an auto shut off function to make it power-efficient. Breastfeeding moms have a number of important things to do daily, and repeatedly turning off a baby scale would be the last thing they want to do.

This digital scale gives quite an accurate measurement when placed over a hard and smooth surface. You can record the intake of milk after each feed by measuring the weight of your kid by tare function. The data can be manually compared with the standard growth chart to judge whether your child is growing at the right rate or not.

The two years warranty indicates transparency of the product. You are free to make the purchasing decision without the risk of money getting lost.

  • It is a multipurpose scale that can be used as an office, shipping and baby scale
  • It can be operated on batteries and direct power supply
  • The maximum weighing capacity is 55 lbs; plus, the scale can measure in multiple units
  • Features a cradle-style tray for added protection of babies


  • Versatile Scale
  • Auto-off
  • Secure
  • Highly Accurate
  • Can run directly and on batteries


  • It’s a bit expensive

Versatile baby scales, also known as multipurpose scales are always a better option than normal scales. They can be used long after baby outgrows their size. My weigh Ultra baby scale is a bit expensive, but it can be used for a variety of purposes: for babies, shipping and office work.

The product comes with a cradle weighing tray perfect for both babies and toddlers. The cradle design ensures security and comfort. The letter and tube holder are also included which come very handy when you want to alter the product to use it as an office and shipping scale. It can weigh up to 55 lb and on different scales.

It can be operated on batteries and directly with a power cord which is extremely useful when your batteries drain out. Also, the auto-off functions is there to prevent battery drainage from happening.

The whole apparatus can be dissembled into individual parts to save storage space. A foam padding might have made it more comfortable and therefore its absence is a major downside. All in all, the product doesn’t disappoint you in the long-run.

  • Smart scale with companion fizona app
  • It features 13 key body composition metrics for adults
  • Has an aesthetically appealing design
  • Represents data in intuitive graphs and charts
  • Can support 24 distinct user profiles


  • Smart Scale
  • Automatically Sync with Companion App
  • Sleek design
  • Huge weighing capacity up to 180 kg


  • No scale tray
  • Expensive

Though this model is not exclusively for babies, it has a ton of features that cannot be ignored. First and foremost, it is a smart device that saves you from the pangs of pressing the button each time you take a weight. The data is presented in the form of easy to understand the chart and can be tracked for 24 different users.

This state-of-the-art scale can record multiple other metrics along with weight so it is highly suitable for adults. But, I will remain stick to the baby mode. There is no scale tray so you would have to stand on it, turn on the baby mode, and then keep the baby in your arm whenever you want to take a measurement. In this way, a mother can keep track of her own weight as well as the baby in separate profiles.

IDOO smart scale has a quite sleek design and a robust make-up. However, it lies on the more expensive side. The parents who already have a fitness scale must skip this one.

  • It can be used as a bathtub and weighing scale
  • Features an inbuilt thermometer
  • The specially designed seat allows for the baby to remain fixated on it while you take the reading
  • Cam accommodate both babies and toddlers up to 2 years of age
  • Comes with 2 AAA batteries


  • Multipurpose: Bath tub and a weighing scale
  • Monitors temperature
  • Lightweight
  • Store multiple readings


  • Some users reported glitches in thermometer and scale

It is a great improvisation from a normal scale. Nearly all babies love taking bath and if their bathtub can update on their weight, one couldn’t ask more.

This weighing scale does all the functions of a normal scale. It can zero the collective weight of water and clothing with a single press of a dedicated button, so you can get an accurate measurement. Furthermore, it can accommodate children up to 2 years of age.

This lightweight bathtub can be easily moved around from place to place. However, unlike normal baby scales, it takes up a lot of space.

The ergonomic design soothes the baby while taking a bath. Whereas an integrated thermometer keeps you informed about the temperature of the water. For mothers who want to save the cost of either a bathtub or a baby scale, this two-in-one model is the perfect match.

How to Buy the Right Baby Scale

The product buying guide is there to help you narrow down the most appropriate choice for your needs. It will arm you with the in-depth knowledge and valuable insight critical to make a good purchasing decision.


Buying a baby scale, just like buying any other product, is dependent on how much you can stretch your pocket.

A decent baby scale starts at 50$ and the price can go up to a 500$ and even more, given that you want some fancy features in it.

The best thing about a tight budget is the filtering of thousands of products into a tiny sample inadvertently facilitating the buying decision.


The baby scale comes in all shapes and sizes. The most common types are given below along with all necessary details.

Mechanical/hanging Baby Scale

These scales have a mechanical dial and are often found in clinics. It is difficult to take measurements with these scales. Furthermore, they have more security hazards. Hanging scale is the most dangerous of all, and one must avoid it at all costs.

Digital Baby Scale

As the name suggests, these scales employ electronic sensors to weigh the baby. They are high-end products with more accuracy than mechanical scales.


Imagine a bathtub for a baby that can also measure its weight. That is what an aquascale does. It has a zero function to cancel out the weight of water and other unnecessary items.

Multipurpose Baby Scale

These scales are the best value addition in your home. A good multipurpose scale can measure the weight of both children and adults, and have a huge weighing capacity than a normal scale.

Smart Baby scale

These scales come with a smartphone application which, in turn, keeps track of important health parameters. It presents the data in the form of intuitive charts that the mother can easily study to track your baby’s health and her own milk production.

Must-haves in a baby scale

One must expect the following features in a standard baby scale:

Multiple Measurement Units

A baby scale must be capable of measuring in multiple units. Accuracy of the scale is also an important factor and to check this, you would have to note the minimum possible unit to which it can measure.


By capacity, I mean the maximum weight threshold to which a baby scale can measure. Some multipurpose scales can be extended to measure the weight of the mother. Others are just limited to the weight of toddlers. As a rule of thumb, the greater the capacity of a baby scale, the better.

Secure Scale Tray

Scale trays are mainly flat shaped. Keeping in mind the security of the infant, it is a must of having a safety belt to keep the child secure. The curved shaped scale trays are also in trend these days and rightfully so. It keeps the child fixed at one place while parents are reading scale measurement; plus, it prevents the danger of falling off of the equipment. 

Reliable Power Source

A baby scale is either powered by a battery or a power cord, and each has its own advantages. A battery-powered scale is highly portable and eliminates the inconvenience of plugging the wire every time one takes a measurement. On the other hand, the scale powered by electricity is more reliable. The scale which can operate on both sources is highly suitable.

Large Display

The scales must have a large display so that the operator can take the reading with ease. The mechanical scales are extremely inefficient in this case, as one has to be always in line to make proper eye contact. Whereas, digital scale allows for different viewing angle and some have the backlights to facilitate measuring at night. With them, the displayed weight can be measured easily and quickly.

Ergonomic Design

A baby scale must be sturdy enough to last the wear and tear. The common Plastic frames, though lightweight, are fragile. Therefore, one must go for a more rigid material, if the budget allows it.

A baby scale must incorporate foam padding so the child shall feel comfortable when lying over it. Comfortability shall be matched with the ease of use and cleaning of the equipment.  Also, enhanced portability of the scale is an added advantage: Some scales allow for the removal of tray thus saving the space.

Zero/tare and Hold button

Almost all Babies are restless. There is no surprise in that they would wiggle and squirms on the scale tray. So, a baby scale must be equipped with a hold button. It will make sure that the baby stays steady so that you can get an accurate reading.

The tare function, also known as zero function, allows for ignoring the weight of clothing and diapers while taking measurement. The baby scale is calibrated in advance by spreading all the unnecessary objects on it and pressing the zero button to cancel out their weight.


I could not emphasize more how important weight gain is for a newborn child. The ultimate indicator of its growth and health. And if your child is suffering a medical condition at birth, it is not only wise but also a necessity to buy a baby scale of your own. It will help you to keep tabs on your baby weight in between doctor’s visits and to regulate breast-feeding. I have enlisted above all top-notch baby scales so you don’t have to go through the agony of choice. Also, there is a detailed buying guide, so you can make a purchasing decision by yourself. You are welcome to share your experiences and to point me in the right direction if you find my reviews lacking in anything.